The following is a checklist of procedures with reference to the posting of notices on university bulletin boards (including digital), building doors, containers, light posts, trees, and sidewalks.

  1. Posters/flyers must provide information regarding student activities, give information of an academic nature, make announcements pertinent to the business of the university, or supply information to members of the Nicholls community regarding available campus services or products.
  2. Posters/flyers must state the name of the sponsoring organization, business, department, or person responsible.
  3. As appropriate for the surface, staples, thumbtacks, magnets, masking tape, or transparent tape may be used to attach posters/flyers to approved bulletin boards or posting areas. The use of glue, nails, and duct tape or any other heavy-duty tape is prohibited.
  4. Posters/flyers must never be attached to doors, windows, trashcans, entryways, exteriors of buildings, interior walls, stairway railings, floors, benches or ceilings, nor may they be placed on the windshields of parked automobiles or on sidewalks
  5. Posters/flyers shall NOT be attached or affixed to any tree or utility pole.
  6. Posters/flyers (and the fasteners used to attach them) must be removed within three days after the advertised event.
  7. All posters/flyers may be periodically removed from bulletin boards as part of routine maintenance.
  8. Posters/flyers shall NOT advertise alcohol, drugs or tobacco.


Approval Authority

The Director of Compliance will review all signs/advertisement prior to being posted.  The placement of the signs will be guided by the above policy and approved as follows:

  • General Campus and General Bulletin Board – Director of Compliance
  • Department Bulletin Boards – Department Representative
  • Greek Hallway – Coordinator of Greek Life
  • Residential Living – Director of Residential Living
  • Student Union Building – Director of Student Union
  • Table Tents – Campus Dining
  • Electronic images may be posted to monitors throughout the Student Union and campus once the appropriate approval to post is received..


Approval must be obtained by the University Safety Officer prior to digging any holes in the ground for the placing of standing signs.  Any holes made in the ground for the purpose of placing signs must be properly refilled after the signs have been removed.