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ACCUPLACER (placement testing) is now being offered remotely through Zoom

In order to participate in remote testing and before scheduling a test, you will need to do the following:  

  1. Go to the Zoom website, download and install Zoom:
  2. Check that Zoom was set up correctly by clicking the following link:  Please use the option to join with video.  
  3. Check that your computer can run ACCUPLACER by clicking here:

If you completed items 1 through 3 successfully, you should be able to test remotely.  When you are ready to schedule placement tests, email or call 985-493-2596. If you are entering Nicholls in the fall, you do have the option to wait until on-campus operations resume.  However, a date for the resumption of campus activities has not yet been determined.

Welcome to the Academic Testing Center at Nicholls State University.

The Academic Testing Center administers a variety of tests to both college and prospective college students, and to area residents as needed. The following tests are of particular importance to prospective Nicholls students: American College Testing (ACT) and the ACCUPLACER tests. These tests are used for English and mathematics placement. Other tests administered by Academic Testing include the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests. The proctoring of correspondence course testing is also available. 


To schedule a Nicholls Web-Based exam click below.

For Nicholls students only.  

Non-Nicholls students should call 985.448.4462 to schedule an exam.

The Nicholls State University Academic Testing Center offers testing for Nicholls students enrolled in Nicholls web courses (WWN, WWP).  Testing must be web based. The Center does not administer paper-and-pencil exams. The link below provides instructions for scheduling exams. Testing intervals are one hour and thirty minutes long. Appointments are available on a first come, first served basis. To schedule more than one exam onany given day or if youhave problems scheduling an exam, please call 985.493.2596 or email


The ACCUPLACER computer-adaptive college placement test is available to both Nicholls and Non-Nicholls students. The Academic Testing Center offers the Writing test and the Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics test. The cost of each test is $10.  Remote testing is available with Nicholls serving as either the home or remote site. Non-Nicholls students using Nicholls as a remote testing site will be assessed a $20 proctoring fee.

The ACCUPLACER test is used for placement purposes only.  Course credit cannot be awarded based on ACCUPLACER scores.  Prospective first-time freshmen who are ineligible for admission because of the need for more than one developmental course may take the ACCUPLACER test an unlimited number of times.  First-time freshmen who have been admitted to the University and placed into English 100, Math 100, Math 115, or Math 116 may challenge placement by taking ACCUPLACER prior to the official first day of classes of the semester in which the student intends to enroll in any of the courses.  ACCUPLACER may be taken for this purpose no more than three times for each subject.  Once classes have begun, and a student is enrolled an English or mathematics course, either as an audit or for credit, then that student is no longer eligible for further ACCUPLACER testing.  In that case, the student’s placement shall be considered final.  If non-developmental placement is achieved at any point during ACCUPLACER testing, that placement is considered final and all remaining attempts at ACCUPLACER testing are eliminated.  Students using Nicholls as a remote testing site must adhere to the ACCUPLACER testing policies of their home institution.

ACCUPLACER testing is available only by appointment.  To schedule a test, please call 985.493.2596 or email  Students should report to 212 Elkins Hall (campus map).  Students are not allowed to use a personal calculator.  An onscreen calculator is provided for select items.  Test results are available immediately after testing is complete.  One score is issued for the Writing test and one for the Mathematics test.  Course placement is determined by these scores.

ACT/SAT/ACCUPLACER English and Mathematics Placement Guide

CourseACT Engl Sub-Score RangeSAT ERW
Score Range
(Beg March 2016)
Score Range
ENGL 100/100L16 – 17460 – 490240 – 249
ENGL 10118 – 27500 – 630250 +
ENGL 10228 – 31640 – 690NA
ENGL 2XX32 +700 +NA
CourseACT Math Sub-Score RangeSAT Math Score Range
(Beg March 2016)
Score Range
(Quant, Reas, Alg, and Stats)
MATH 115/115L 16 430 – 500240 – 249
MATH 100 or 116/116L17-18510 – 520250 – 259
MATH 101 or 11719- 22530 – 550260+
MATH 102, 106, 108, 110, or 21423 – 26560 – 630NA
MATH 16527 +640 +NA

Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations

High school students achieving scores of 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement examinations are eligible to receive credit on the basis of such test scores. Credit is granted for freshman-level and sophomore-level courses only. Students who have completed these tests should have their scores sent by College Board directly to the Nicholls State University Office of Records and Registration. 

Freshman and Sophomore (lower-level) courses where there is no direct equivalent are
articulated as 100- or 200-level, 1XX or 2XX.

AP/CEEB Title Minimum ScoreNicholls
Hours Credit
 Art History3ART 280, 2816
 Biology3BIOL 105, 1066
 Calculus AB3MATH 101, 102, 16511
 Calculus BC3MATH 101, 102, 165, 16615
 Chemistry3CHEM 105, 1066
 Chinese Language and Culture3XXXX 1XX3
 Computer Science A3CMPS 1XX3
 Computer Science Principles3CMPS 1303
 Macroeconomics3ECON 2123
 Microeconomics3ECON 2113
 English Language and Composition3ENGL 101, 1026
 English Literature and Composition3ENGL 101, 1026
 Environmental Science3GEOL 1XX3
 European History3HIST 101, 1026
 French Language and Culture3FREN 101, 1026
 German Language and Culture3GERM 1XX6
 Comparative Government and Politics3GOVT 2503
 United States Government and Politics3GOVT 1013
 Human Geography3GEOG 1043
 Italian Language and Culture3XXXX 1XX3
 Japanese Language and Culture3XXXX 1XX3
 Latin3LATN 1XX6
 Music Theory3MUS 1194
 Physics 1:  Algebra-Based3PHYS 1013
 Physics 2:  Algebra-Based3PHYS 1023
 Physics C:  Electricity and Magnetism3PHYS 1023
 Physics C:  Mechanics3PHYS 1013
 Psychology3PSYC 1013
 Spanish Language and Culture3SPAN 101, 1026
 Spanish Literature and Culture3SPAN 2XX6
 Statistics3MATH 2143
 Studio Art Drawing3Art Elective to be determined by Art Department upon review of portfolio6
 2D Design3
 3D Design3
 United States History3HIST 255, 2566
 World History3HIST 150, 1516

American College Testing (ACT)

American College Testing offers the ACT test several times during the academic year. The ACT exam is administered at Nicholls on the following dates:

October 28, 2023
December 9, 2023
February 10, 2024
April 13, 2024
June 8, 2024
July 13, 2024

Registration for the ACT test is done online.  The site also provides information on test preparation. Typically, the test is given in Peltier Hall (campus map). Parking is available on Madewood Drive near the building and in several parking lots across campus. Arrival, identification, and seating of examinees begins at 7:45 a.m.

Students should bring the following on test day:

  1. A valid photo ID;
  2. An admission ticket issued by ACT;
  3. A few pencils;
  4. An acceptable calculator (see calculator rules).

Cell phones must be powered off and put away before entering the test center. Cell phones must remain out of sight for the duration of the test, including during breaks.

Students are eligible for course credit in English and/or mathematics if their ACT scores are sufficiently high. Students receive credit in:

  • ENGL 101 if they score 28 or higher in ACT English
  • ENGL 102 if they score 32 or higher in ACT English
  • MATH 101 if they score 23 or higher in ACT Mathematics
  • MATH 102 if they score 27 or higher in ACT Mathematics
CourseACT English Score Required
 ENGL 10016 – 17
 ENGL 10118 – 27
 ENGL 10228 – 31
 ENGL 2XX32 – 36
CourseACT Math Score Required
 MATH 115 16 
 MATH 100 or 11617 – 18
 MATH 101 or 11719 – 22
 MATH 102, 106, 108, 110, or 21423 – 26
 MATH 16527 – 36

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Students enrolled at Nicholls State University may receive credit for prior learning through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), a national standardized testing program that offers exams equivalent to final exams in introductory college freshman and sophomore courses. Nicholls accepts credit earned through CLEP for courses only at the freshman and sophomore levels. Students must earn the minimum score of 50 or higher to receive credit. Credit is awarded when the CLEP examination score is reported on an official transcript from CLEP and sent directly by the CLEP transcript service to the Office of Records and Registration. Passing scores for subjects credited through CLEP are recorded by an “S,” by the equivalent Nicholls course number and title, and by the appropriate credit hours.

CLEP credits will be accepted from other accredited institutions only if the scores meet Nicholls credit-granting standards. Resident students may not gain credit through CLEP for courses equivalent to or at a lower level than other courses they have already taken at Nicholls. CLEP exams are administered at the Nicholls Testing Center, an official CLEP Test Center, in 212 Elkins Hall (campus map). Students must call 985.448.4462 to schedule a CLEP test. Examinees are required to register for CLEP tests and pay CLEP testing fees prior to scheduling a testing appointment with the testing center. In addition to fees assessed by CLEP, Nicholls charges proctoring fees of $20 for Nicholls students and $40 for non-Nicholls students at the time of testing.  Personal calculators are not permitted.  Freshman and Sophomore (lower-level) courses where there is no direct equivalent are articulated as 100- or 200-level, 1XX or 2XX.

CLEP Title
(CLEP Examinations Descriptions)
Minimum ScoreNicholls EquivalentHours Credit
 American Government50GOVT 1013
 American Literature50ENGL 215, ENGL 2XX6
 Analyzing and Interpreting Literature50ENGL 1XX3
 Biology50BIOL 105, 1066
 Calculus50MATH 101, 102, 16511
 Chemistry50CHEM 1053
70CHEM 105, 1066
 College Algebra50MATH 1013
 College Composition50ENGL 1013
 College Composition Modular50ENGL 1013
 College Mathematics50MATH 1173
 English Literature50ENGL 215, ENGL 2XX6
 Financial Accounting (max credit  earned is 3 credit hours)50ACCT 1XX3
65ACCT 2053
 French Language50FREN 101, 1026
 German Language50GERM 1XX6
 History of the United States I50HIST 2553
 History of the United States II50HIST 2563
 Human Growth and Development50PSYC 2123
 Humanities50HUMA 1XX3
 Information Systems50CIS 2313
 Introduction to Educational Psychology50PSYC 1XX3
 Introductory Business Law50BSAD 2213
 Introductory Psychology50PSYC 1013
 Introductory Sociology50SOCI 1513
 Natural Sciences50BIOL 1XX3
 Precalculus50MATH 101, 1087
 Principles of Macroeconomics50ECON 2123
 Principles of Management50MNGT 1XX3
 Principles of Marketing50MKTG 1XX3
 Principles of Microeconomics50ECON 2113
 Social Sciences and History50HIST 1XX3
 Spanish Language50SPAN 101, 1026
 Western Civilization I:  Ancient Near  East to 164850HIST 1013
 Western Civilization II:  1648 to the Present50HIST 1023


The Nicholls Testing Center offers proctoring services for students taking correspondence/distance learning courses. Students are responsible for coordinating test delivery with the instructor of the course. All correspondence exams must be sent directly to the Testing Center. 

Hard copy versions of exams should be mailed to:

Nicholls State University
Academic Testing Center
P.O. Box 2186
Thibodaux, LA 70310

Nicholls State University
Academic Testing Center
906 East 1st Street
Thibodaux, LA 70301

Exams can also be emailed to

Students are required to make an appointment for correspondence testing.  To schedule a test students should call 985.448.4462.  All testing takes place in 212 Elkins Hall (campus map).  Proctoring fees are $20 for Nicholls students and $40 for non-Nicholls students.


Students may earn course credits through Nicholls Advance Credit Testing (NACT). Advance credit testing is available for qualified high schools seniors planning on attending Nicholls. To participate, a student must have an ACT composite score of 24 or higher and a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher. Individual tests may require additional qualifications. Students are allowed to take at most three exams.

The exams available and the list of courses for which credits may be earned are listed below. Credit is awarded to only those students that attend Nicholls.  Please check degree program requirements before selecting tests. Some courses listed below may not be degree applicable.

If you are interested in taking advance credit tests, please email or call 985.448.4462.

 NACT Exam Course Credit AwardedTime Allowed for Exam
 Basic Biology I – Principles of Biology (for non-science majors) [ACT science sub-score of 23 or higher] BIOL 105190 min
 Chemistry (ACT mathematics sub-score of 23 or higher) CHEM 101
or CHEM 1052
120 min
 Elementary French FREN 101
or FREN 101, 1022
60 min
 Physical Geography GEOG 10360 min
 World Regional Geography GEOG 10460 min
 American National Government GOVT 10160 min
 State and Local Government GOVT 25260 min
 History of Western Civilization (ancient world to the mid-
seventeenth century)
 HIST 10160 min
 History of Western Civilization (mid-seventeenth century to
the present)
 HIST 10260 min
 World History (ancient world to 1500) HIST 15060 min
 World History (1500 to the present) HIST 15160 min
 American History (earliest times to 1876) HIST 25560 min
 American History (1876 to the present) HIST 25660 min
 Trigonometry (ACT mathematics sub-score of 23-26) MATH 10290 min
 Calculus I (ACT mathematics sub-score of 27 or higher) MATH 16590 min
 Introductory Sociology SOCI 15160 min
 Elementary Spanish SPAN 101
or SPAN 101, 1022
60 min

1BIOL 105 is a course designed for non-science majors.  Most science programs require BIOL 155.
2Course credit awarded is based on exam score.  For example, a student may score well enough to earn
credit for CHEM 101, but not CHEM 105.

Click the following link to view course descriptions:  NACT Course Descriptions


The Academic Testing Center at Nicholls State University supports the student-centered focus of the University by providing both Nicholls students and residents of the region with quality, professional educational testing services.  The Academic Testing Center is committed to providing a knowledgeable, courteous testing staff and a testing atmosphere that is secure, quiet, accommodating, and accessible to all individuals in need of academic and professional testing.

The Testing Center maintains confidentiality of documentation and test scores. This office will not release or discuss any part of the student’s documentation without the student’s informed and written consent. Test scores will not be given over the telephone. Students must contact the Testing Center by emailing or calling 985.448.4462 to obtain a copy of their scores.

ACCUPLACER Mathematics
$10Not Applicable
$10Not Applicable
(Nicholls as a remote site)
Not Applicable$20
*Additional fee assessed by College Board.

Praxis and ParaPro exams are now computer based. Paper-and-pencil exams are no longer offered on campus. Please visit the following websites for details for Praxis or ParaPro. You may also call 1.800.772.9476.

 GMAT or
 Homework Louisiana
 Kaplan Test Prep
 Praxis ParaPro
 Study Tips
 Sylvan Learning Center
 Test Prep Review

Nicholls State University is not responsible for the contents of websites listed above.  These links are provided as a convenience in finding resources.


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