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Welcome to the Academic Services Center at Nicholls State University.

The primary function of the Academic Services Center is the success of students newly admitted to the university. The Center offers comprehensive programs and enrichment services designed to promote and sustain academic achievement. Your success is as important to us as it is to you. For that reason, the Academic Services Center is committed to helping you meet the challenges of higher education. Welcome to Nicholls State University.


The Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center coordinates academic advising for all freshman students. Each freshman is advised by a professional academic advisor. These advisors are trained to help students develop a greater sense of responsibility for their academic progress and to assist them in meeting the challenges of higher education. Students receive advising through the Academic Advising Center until they are accepted into their majors.

The Transfer Student Resource Center

The Transfer Student Resource Center serves as an initial point of contact for all transfer students. It was created to assist transfer students in making the transition into their new academic environment. The Transfer Student Resource Center conducts transcript evaluations for all incoming transfer students and coordinates student advising with the academic departments.

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Tutorial and Academic Enhancement Center

The Tutorial and Academic Enhancement Center provides peer tutoring, writing and other forms of academic assistance to all Nicholls students. It offers a supportive learning environment and helps students develop confidence in their academic abilities.

The Academic Testing Center

The Academic Testing Center provides testing for placement into freshman-level English and mathematics courses. The center also provides a convenient, on-campus site for students to complete web exams that require proctoring.

The University Honors Program

The University Honors Program offers honors courses in several of the general education areas and advanced elective courses in specific disciplines. Additionally, the program provides enhanced curricular opportunities including research and directed studies with some of the university’s most accomplished professors.


The Academic Services Center, through academic advising and support, assists students in clarifying academic goals, and, through the fostering of growth and independence, empowers them to successfully meet the challenges of higher education.

Q: What is Academic Services Center?
A: Academic Services Center is the portal of entry for all incoming freshmen. ASC was created to support students making the transition from high school to college, to assist students needing additional skill preparation, to offer a strong academic advising program for students and to assist students in making informed decisions on choosing majors. This is YOUR college!

Q: When do I exit Academic Services Center and enter my senior college?
Once you have earned 30 and completed a freshman seminar, you will then enter the college of your major.

Q: How do I change my major?
If you are in Academic Services Center, you can change your major in the Academic Advising Center located in 234 Elkins Hall. If you are in your senior academic college, go there or go to the college you would be transferring into.

Q: How do I declare a minor?
You will declare a minor once you have entered the college of your major.

Q: Can I have two majors?
Yes, you can have two majors but only one will be listed in the system. You must notify your college that you are pursuing two majors at the same time.

Q: How can I find out who my advisor is?
You can find out who your advising is by visiting the Academic Advising Center. If you are no longer in Academic Services Center, go to the departmental office of your major to find out the name of your advisor.

Q: I don’t know what to major in. What do I do?
First of all, if you are not attending your University Studies course START NOW! This class will help you with your career choice. Also, set up an appointment with your advisor to discuss your issues. Don’t panic! Not everyone enters college knowing exactly what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Just take it one day at a time, do your research and ask questions.

Q: I’m transferring from another college and have already applied to Nicholls. What do I do next?
A: You will need to visit our transfer advisor Mary DeLaune in 234 Elkins or call her at 985-448-4093. Please bring a copy of your transcripts when you see her.

Q: I just received a letter stating that I have been placed on academic probation/suspension. What does that mean, and how do I get off of probation/suspension?
A: If you are on academic probation, your external cumulative GPA has dropped below a 2.0. To prevent suspension, make sure your semester GPA stays above a 2.0. If you are suspended, be sure to appeal. If granted, your waiver will allow you to return to school on academic probation. To be removed from academic probation, your external cumulative GPA must reach a 2.0.

Q: The wrong class is listed on my Moodle or there is no class at all. What do I do?
You will need to speak to your instructor and ask them to add you to their Moodle class.

Q: I can’t login to Banner.  What do I do?
Visit Record and Registration to reset your username and password.

Q: I’m trying to register but the classes are closed. How do I get into a closed class?
If the class is closed, all seats have been taken. Continue to check Banner; a seat may become available. If it is a UNIV 101 class or a WWW class, please see your advisor. Some courses, depending on your major, are available with permits only. You can only get into theses courses with departmental approval.

Q: I am trying to register but the computer states that I have a hold on my record. How do I remove the hold?
See your advisor.

Q: What is the last day to pay fees?
The last day to pay fees changes every semester. Please see the academic calendar for these dates.

Q: What is the last day to resign from the university?
The final day to resign changes every semester. Please see the academic calendar for these dates.

Q: What is the last day to drop a class with a W?
The final day drop with a W changes every semester. Please see the academic calendar for these dates.

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