Semester Registration Information

Students! Want to catch up on credit hours in the B Term of the Fall semester? Courses starting October 27th!

CONTACT RECORDS OFFICE TO SCHEDULE A CLASS AT (985) 448-4153 OR records@nicholls.edu

CHEM 105 M8B 87895 CHEMISTRY I (SCIENCE MAJORS) MWF Col Sciences & Technology 248 Alivio, Theodore
CMPS 107 WWB 86083 CMPTR LITRCY CNCPT WRD PROCSNG Elkins Hall 252 Giguette, Ray
CMPS 108 WWB 86107 COMPUTER LITERACY SPREADSHEETS Elkins Hall 252 Giguette, Ray
CMPS 109 H6B 86116 COMPTR LITERACY PRSNTTN SFTWRE M Peltier Hall 140 Giguette, Ray
CMPS 109 W2B 86123 COMPTR LITERACY PRSNTTN SFTWRE Peltier Hall 108 Kimball, Annette
CMPS 109 WWB 86136 COMPTR LITERACY PRSNTTN SFTWRE Elkins Hall 252 Kimball, Annette
CRJU 291 M4B 87066 PRINCIPLES OF CRMNL JUSTICE II MWF Peltier Hall 242 Jaccuzzo, Craig
CULA 105 2MB 86970 SANITATION AND FOOD SAFETY MWF Ledet Hall 124A Kozar, John
CULA 105 2MB 86970 SANITATION AND FOOD SAFETY MWF Ledet Hall 124B Kozar, John
ENGL 101 WW1 87892 ENGLISH COMPOSITION I Peltier Hall 215 Piller, Erick
GEOG 104 M6B 87893 WORLD REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY MWF Peltier Hall 239 Tokosh, Joseph
GEOL 101 WP1 87896 PHYSICAL GEOLOGY Col Sciences & Technology 138 Beyer, Adam
MACO 101 WWB 87891 SURVEY OF MASS COMMUNICATION Gouaux Hall 110 Simoncelli, Andrew
NURS 312 WWB 87897 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY Betsy Cheramie Ayo Hall 336 Patterson, Michelle
NURS 360 WWB 87898 HUMAN SEXUALITY Betsy Cheramie Ayo Hall 115 Ewing, Amber
PSYC 480 WWB 86688 MULTICULTURAL CONCEPTS Col Educ & Behavioral Sciences 217 Thompson, Kim
SOCI 201 WWB 87505 SOCIAL PROBLEMS Peltier Hall 245 Picou, Rebecca
SOCI 204 M6B 87494 CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN AM SOCIE MWF Peltier Hall 210 Baran, Stephanie
SOCI 204 WWB 87894 CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN AM SOCIE Peltier Hall 236 Jefferson, Melinda
SOCI 372 T2B 87441 JUVENILE DELINQUENCY TR Peltier Hall 227 Jefferson, Melinda

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Welcome to the electronic version of the Schedule of Classes. Our goal is to serve the needs of students in the most confidential, efficient and courteous manner possible through admission, advising, orientation, registration of classes, and schedule/fee activation.

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STUDENTS WILL BE INDEBTED TO THE UNIVERSITY IMMEDIATELY UPON REGISTRATION UNLESS STUDENTS “UNREGISTER” (DROP) ALL CLASSES AT LEAST 15 MINUTES  PRIOR TO THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON THE LAST BUSINESS DAY BEFORE CLASSES BEGIN.  To release him/herself from this indebtedness, a student must “unregister” (drop all of their classes) prior to the close of Regular Registration for that term. Regular Registration ends 15 minutes prior to the close of business on the last business day before classes begin. Refunds for credit adjustments after this time and date can be located at Tuition and Fees.

Please refer to the “Statement of Financial Obligation” page for information regarding the financial responsibility of students upon registration.

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The University reserves the right to change courses, programs, fees, and the academic calendar, or to make other changes deemed necessary or desirable, giving advance notice of change when possible.


Office of Records & Registration Otto Candies Hall
P.O. Box 2059
Thibodaux, LA 70310
OFFICE: (985) 448-4153
FAX: (985) 449-7060
EMAIL: records@nicholls.edu

Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.