SGA Officials


Executive Board

Jax Badeaux

Student Body President
Office Phone: 985.448.4555

Lance Jones

Student Body Vice President
Office Phone: 985.448.4559

Naomi Landry

Office Phone: 985.448.4558

Douglas Gilchrist

Director of Student Rights & Grievances
Office Phone: 985.448.4561

Emily Beck

Director of Public Relations
Office Phone: 985.448.4556

Angela Yanez

Legislative Branch

College of Sciences and Technology

Karishma Nathaniel

Kristen Roten

College of Liberal Arts

Angelle Romero

College of Business

Julianna Hernandez

College of Education

Robert Loupe

College of Nursing

Kyelee Duet

Culinary Arts Institute

Kyleigh Baudry


Timyra Cotten

Freshman Senators

Taylor Mergist

Social Media Specialist

MacKenzie Prejean


Kelsey Brooks

Devontre' Parker

Multicultural Senator


GREEK Senator

Connor Hebert

Student Organization Senator

Kelsey Brooks

Veteran Senator

Carlie Dalgo

HONORS Senator

Carlie Dalgo

Student Supreme Court

Grant Rebstock

Bincy Biju

Election Commission

Katie Louviere

SGA Executive Board
The Executive Board is comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Director of Student Rights and Grievances, and Director of Public Relations. All Executive Board members attend the weekly Senate meetings and are non-voting members of the Senate.

SGA Legislative Branch
The Senate is the Legislative Branch of the SGA. Senators pass legislation that is necessary and proper, implementing the powers and duties vested in them by the SGA Constitution and various SGA and university committees. Each senator represents 300 students with the exception of Senators At Large who represent the entire student body.

SGA Judicial Branch
The Supreme Court is the Judicial Branch of the SGA. Justices’ duties include interpreting the SGA Constitution, ruling on issues that arise from student elections, trying election candidates who have violated the Election Code, and trying any SGA official who may be impeached.

SGA Election Commission
The Election Commission is not part of the Executive Board, but is considered part of the Executive Branch. These five officials set the dates for, tabulated the results from, and operate all student elections in accordance with the Election Code. They may also cancel and/or reschedule an election in the event of an emergency. The Election Commissioner serves as the chair of the Election Commission.


Office Location:
Bollinger Memorial Student Union
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2049
Thibodaux, LA 70310
Phone: 985-448-4557
Fax: 985-493-2631