Orientation Update

We can’t wait to virtually see you during your online orientation! Ensuring your safety is top priority and an online orientation will be held for all programs this summer. If you registered for an orientation program you will receive an email with updated information for your specific program 2 weeks prior to your orientation date. Should you not receive this email, please let us know at katie.martin@nicholls.edu

If you have not yet registered for an orientation program, it’s time! You can reserve your spot today using the links below. 

Your college adventure begins at orientation and our orientation team is fired up to be a part of it! 



We have not forgotten about you! Geaux Colonels!


In order to be invited to Orientation, a student must have applied and been accepted to Nicholls State University.  Following your admission to the university, about a month before the Orientation program, an invitation will be sent detailing the program.

New Student Orientation is for First-time freshman. There will also be Transfer Orientation options. Invitation letters will be sent out to these students as well.


Have a question about orientation? Please contact us! You can reach us at 985-448-4507, toll free at 1-877-NICHOLLS, or via email at nicholls@nicholls.edu

Our office is ready to help you make the next step into the Nicholls family!


Are you excited? We are getting ready for you! Our team has been busily preparing for your arrival to Nicholls State University Freshman Orientation Fall 2020! Below are some important reminders to follow so you get the most out of your Orientation Experience.

When you arrive on campus, parking will be available next to the Ellender Memorial Library or Guidry Football Stadium.

Check in will begin promptly at 9:00am in the Student Union Ballroom. The program will begin at 9:00 am SHARP. When you arrive at Peltier, you can find your materials at your color group table.  If your parents are attending the parent program, they will be escorted to Peltier Auditorium in the Student Union. Due to space limitations, parents can not attend the student program.

The program will end at approximately 4:00pm. Lunch will be provided.

You will need a picture ID in order to get your Colonel Card. You will also need to know your license plate number for your parking decal.

All students should have either completed a Housing Application if living on campus, or a Housing Exemption form if living at home.

If you have not completed the FAFSA, it is time to do so! You can check your Banner Account to check your status.

We will see you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get invited to Orientation?
    Students MUST have applied and been accepted to the university, and first-time freshman must have an ACT score on file with the Nicholls State Testing Center.
  2. I’m a transfer student. Do I need ACT scores?
    You will be notified if ACT scores are needed.
  3. I’m a nontraditional student. Do I need ACT scores?
    Students over age 25 are strongly encouraged to take the ACT; however, non-traditional students can opt to take the COMPASS test to determine placement in English and math. COMPASS test results cannot substitute for the ACT portion of the selective Admission criteria. Call the Office of Admission for more information.
  4. What if I went to another university?
    Transfer students are required to submit an official transcript of every college or university they attended prior to coming to Nicholls State University.
  5. I took the ACT many years ago, do I have to retake it?
    No, ACT scores are good for life, but keep in mind that we will need an official copy from ACT. When requesting a score report, be prepared to state the month and the year that you took the test.
  6. What do we do at Orientation?
    Students learn all about Nicholls State University and its excellent academic programs. While at Orientation, students are registered for their classes. Students are required to attend Orientation in order to register for their classes.
  7. Do I have to spend the night in a dorm?
  8. How do I get financial aid?
    You must apply early for financial aid by filling out the FAFSA form. This is available over the internet at www.fafsa.ed.gov. The earlier this form is submitted, the earlier more promptly your financial aid gets processed.