CIS 150. Visual Computer Programming for Business. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in Math 101. The fundamentals of visual computer program development for business-related applications (11.0202).

CIS 231. Management Information Systems. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing and either CMPS 101 or OIS 200, or permission of department head. Introduction to business information resources, system design and information management. Topics include computer hardware, systems analysis, database management decision support systems and distributed data processing. (52.1201)

CIS 255. Programming for Business Applications. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in CIS 150 or permission of department head. Computer programming methods for business systems. Emphasizing contemporary programming environments and application development tools while using object-oriented technologies and fourth generation languages. (11.0202)

CIS 310. Data Communications. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: C or better in both CIS 231 and  CIS 150. Analysis and design of data communications systems. Topics include network design and management, and telecommunication concepts and management. (11.0901)

CIS 315. Advanced Networking and Telecommunications. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in CIS 310. Review of current network management technology and techniques, and emerging network protocol and management standards In depth examination of   data communications industry, voice communications, data communications concepts and technology, LAN architectures, network operating systems, network development life cycle, security, and management.   (11.0901)

CIS 320. Applied Database Development. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: C or better in CIS 231 or permission of department head. Business database systems including conceptual and implementation design, database implementation; and the data management environment and required language tools are explored. Relational and other database models are studied. (11.0802)

CIS 330. Systems Analysis and Design. 3-3-0. Prior credit or current registration in CIS 320. Use information systems methodology to solve enterprise wide managerial and organizational problems. Students will use systems design methodologies to develop information products to meet the functional requirements of businesses. (11.0501)

CIS 340. Electronic Commerce: Business Uses of the Internet. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: C or better in CIS 231, MNGT 301, and MKTG 300 or permission of the department head. Tools, technologies, opportunities, challenges, strategies for business use of the Internet, and the impact of the emerging electronic market in today’s corporations. (52.1299)

CIS 355. Advanced Programming and Data Structures. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in CIS 255. Advanced program design and dynamic development of business applications software for data entry, editing and validation; maintenance of sequential, direct, and indexed files; file inquiry, extraction, and reporting activities. (11.0801)

CIS 400. Internship in Computer Information Systems. 3-0-10. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of department head required. Supervised practical experience in an approved private or public organization involving work relevant to computer information systems. Only one internship may be counted toward degree. (52.1299)

*CIS 410. Special Topics. Prerequisite:  Permission of instructor. Selected current topics in computer information systems. May be repeated for credit if content differs. (52.1299)

*CIS 420. Integrative Project Management. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: CIS 231 and senior standing. Use information systems methodologies to solve enterprise wide managerial and organizational problems. Students are trained on necessary tools to resolve real life issues in project management. Use of quantitative techniques is supplemented by softer skills of leadership and change management. (52.1201)

*CIS 430. Information Technology Service Management. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: C or better in CIS 330 or permission of department head. Focus is on enhancing knowledge and skills necessary for architecting, engineering, implementing, managing, and delivering information technology services in a broad range of organizations. (52.1206)

CIS 435. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in CIS 320. Students are exposed to tools and technologies available for the building blocks of data warehouse implementations – such as database management systems, extract, transform and load, and analytic tools. Discussions, assignments, and projects focus on the challenges of developing and using database systems in dynamic organizations. (52.1207)

CIS 455. Integrated Web Development and e-Business. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: C or better in CIS 255 and CIS 320. Development and implementation of web based applications; strategies and techniques for designing and implementing multi-tier distributed applications for use on the Internet. (11.0801)

*CIS 460. Management of Information Systems. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: C or better in both MNGT 301 and CIS 320. Principles and concepts involved in the management of organizational information systems resources. Includes information systems planning, legal and professional issues, and strategic impact of information systems. (52.1201)

*CIS 485. Special Problems in Business Information Processing. 3-3-0. Prerequisite:  Permission of instructor. Solution of an information system problem using project management and information systems methodologies in a group project environment. (52.1299)

CIS 490. Independent Study in Information Systems. 3-3-3. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of department head required. Individualized activities (e.g. independent readings, research, problem reports) designed to meet the special needs of students within their major.(52.1299)

CIS 501. Information Systems for Managers. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: Admission to the MBA program. Overview of the capabilities of information systems and the managerial issues related to their use. Applications of current and emerging technologies will be examined including strategic and operational issues. (52.1201)

CIS 510. Information Support Systems. 3-3-0. Current and expected information support system technologies and their implications for information support operations. Fa- even years only. (52.1201)

CIS 550. Integrative Information Technology Service and Project Management. 3-3-0. Focusing IT Services provided to the business; analysis, production and distribution of information within an organization. Examination of the IT product development and service delivery processes with sound management principles that meet end-users’ needs. (52.1206)

CIS 590. Special Topics in Information Systems. 3-3-0. This course examines issues of current interest in Information Systems. Topics covered will vary semester to semester so that students may take the course more than once as the topic changes. (52.1299)


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