MNGT 301. Management of Organizations and Behavioral Processes. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: Completion of  54 hours of   coursework, ENGL 102. Study of effective management of organizations with emphasis on organizational theory and design, individual and group behavior, and management functions to achieve successful performance within the organization and its relationship to external environments. (52.0201)

MNGT 305. Entrepreneurship. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: Completion of  54 hours of  coursework. Definitions and origins of entrepreneurship; social and economic impacts; ethical choices. The entrepreneurial process: business creativity, opportunity assessment; business plans for new ventures. Corporate innovation management; family firms; wealth creation. (52.0701)

MNGT 326. Collective Bargaining. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: Completion of  54 hours of  coursework. Process of collective bargaining in American industry emphasizing the nature, issues, procedures, and economic effects of the settlement of industrial disputes. Actual collective bargaining situations are studied. The case method of study is emphasized. (52.0299)

MNGT 330. Maritime Management. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: Completion of 54 hours of course work. Analysis of the maritime industry with an emphasis on the offshore marine and oil sector, its history, environment, ship design and construction. (49.0309)

MNGT 367. Human Resources Management. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: Completion of  54 hours of  coursework. Problems of personnel relations as applied to employment, development, maintenance and utilization of a labor force. (52.1001)

MNGT 368. Operations Management. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: QBA 283 or QBA 285, and completion of  54 hours of  coursework. The fundamental characteristics and problems associated with operations of any organization, such as facilities location, aggregate output planning, inventory control, scheduling, and quality control. (52.0201)

MNGT 370. Human Relations and Interpersonal Skills. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: Completion of  54 hours of  coursework. Dynamics of human skills and interpersonal relationships in the work environment. Case studies, role playing, and experiential learning exercises. (52.0201)

MNGT 400 401 402. Readings in Business Management. 1-0-2 each. Prerequisite: Completion of  54 hours of  coursework. Designed to encourage expanded reading habits of current periodicals and books dealing with the emerging problems and philosophy of business management. Topical subjects to include business ethics, social responsibility of business, private enterprise vs. governmental control, profit vs. service objectives. (52.0201)

MNGT 410. Small Business Management. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MNGT 301. A case-driven survey of issues in small business management. Topics include business location, inventory management, staffing, ethics, the legal environment, and family business issues, such as succession, governance, change, and innovation. (52.0201)

MNGT 420. Multinational Management. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MNGT 301.   Understanding the demands of managing in a multinational organization.   Emphasis is placed on the competitive and dynamic environment of international business, and the integration of management concepts on organizational/strategic and interpersonal levels. (52.1101)  

*MNGT 440. Human Resources Seminar. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MNGT 367 or permission of department head. Problems and current issues in the field of human resources management; analysis of situations and application of tools and techniques to comply with Federal Manpower Regulations. (52.1001)

MNGT 445. Seminar in Health Care Management. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MNGT 301. Current issues in health care management, including coding and billing practices; contracts and negotiations. (52.0299)

MNGT 450. Staffing, Training, and Development. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MNGT 367. Detailed study and practical application of the practices associated with the acquisition and development of human resources. (52.1001)

MNGT 455. Business Logistics. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MNGT 301. Latest techniques, concepts and problems related to physical distribution management. (14.3701)

MNGT 465. Applied Operations Management. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MNGT 368. Further study of the principles and applications of operations management. Special attention to capacity management, resource requirements and production scheduling. (52.0201)

MNGT 469. Management Internship. 3-0-10. Prerequisites: Management major, senior standing, and completion of 12 hours of management. Field work in an area relevant to student’s major and/or concentration of General Management, Human Resources Management, Operations Management or Health Care Management. Only one internship may be counted toward degree. (52.1001)

MNGT 470. Organization Structure and Behavior. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: MNGT 301 and senior standing. A framework for analyzing the dynamic process whereby a firm attempts to relate its structure to its operating environment and its objectives and how this relationship, in turn, influences behavior or organizational members. Heavy reliance placed on analysis of on going organizations through case studies and research materials relating to all types of organizations. (52.0201)

MNGT 475. Performance and Compensation Management. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MNGT 367. Analysis of techniques for evaluating and rewarding employee performance to support organizational goals. Comparison of relative worth of jobs, setting expectations with employees, delivering feedback and evaluations. (52.1001)

MNGT 480. Management Research. 3-0-6. Prerequisite: Completion of  54 hours of  coursework. Research on selected topics. Open to advanced students of high academic standing with permission of instructor. (14.3701)

*MNGT 485. New Venture Creation. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MNGT 301. A case-driven course to assess issues in entrepreneurship and the creation and growth of new business ventures, including idea discovery, opportunity recognition, start-up, venture capital acquisition and problems of growth. (52.1801)

MNGT 486. Special Issues in Management. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MNGT 301. In-depth treatment of special topics from the field of management. Content of the course varies with each offering. May be repeated once for credit if content differs. (52.1001)

MNGT 502. Managing Human Capital. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: MNGT 301 or equivalent. An analysis of theories addressing human behavior in work settings and formal processes involved in the management of employees. Special emphasis is placed on the application of theories with respect to interpersonal work interactions and human resource key functions. (52.0299)


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