The University offers a minor in Bayou Studies after successful completion of 18 hours of courses that include content about local or regional history, literature, culture, language and geography. Nine hours must include IDST 201 (Bayou Region Field Explorations) and ENGL 426 (Bayou Culture) as well as either ENGL 427 or HIST 371.

Required Courses (9 hours)

IDST 201Bayou Field Explorations
ENGL 425Bayou Culture

ENGL 427


HIST 371

Louisiana Literature


Louisiana History

The remaining nine hours can be chosen from the following list, with at least three of those hours coming from GEOG 375, SOCI 204, or SOCI 395:

Electives (9 hours)

BIOL 215Pirogue Biology
CULA 401Culinary History of the South
CULA 279Cajun and Creole Cuisine
ENGL 326Intro to Folklore
ENGL 490Language and Culture
FREN 102Elementary French II
GEOG 375Geography of Louisiana
HIST 371Louisiana History
HUMA 303French Literature in Translation
SOCI 204Cultural Diversity of America
SOCI 395Racial and Cultural Minorities

Students may substitute up to six hours of other special topics or themed courses that have a main focus or theme that addresses bayou studies or, more broadly, Louisiana. Approval of department head of Interdisciplinary Studies required for substitutions.