Cajun Music Preservation Society – Open Jam Sessions

The CMPS will meeting in downtown Thibodaux to share camaraderie and reverence for Cajun Culture through traditional music every other Wednesday.

Join Tysman Charpentier and friends for a family affair at the Venetian Restaurant from 6-8.

Tentative Dates for CMPS Jams during the Fall Semester:

Sep 2     Venetian Restaurant

Sep 16   Venetian Restaurant

Sep 30   Venetian Restaurant

Oct 14    Venetian Restaurant

Oct 28    Venetian Restaurant

Cajun Music Preservation Band

Ryan Brunet, Tysman Charpentier, and Gerard Lombardo play traditional Cajun songs at a recent

Cajun Music Preservation Society Jam Session at the Venetian Restaurant, downtown Thibodaux.