Policy Statement / Scope of Policy

Policy Statement

Sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence, and dating violence are criminal offenses that are inconsistent with the mission and values of Nicholls State University.  Such offenses are prohibited and will not be tolerated in any manner, any setting related to the University, or by any individual(s) associated with the University in any way. The University is fully committed to maintaining a respectful, healthy, and safe environment for all members of the campus community and its constituents. 


Scope of Policy

The policy herein and all applicable related policies apply to all students and employees who feel they have experienced incidents covered in these policies. Resources and services are available in any and all circumstances. Any incident taking place while the respondent is enrolled or employed qualifies for remediation, resolution, and/or adjudication, but the extent of that application may be dependent on location and circumstances of the incident.  The application of all policies herein is inclusive of all students and employees regardless of sexual/affectional orientation or gender identity.