GEOL 101. Physical Geology. 3-3-0. Study of the earth, its constituents, agents, and processes modifying it; also geologic structures and landforms. (40.0601)

GEOL 102. Historical Geology. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: GEOL 101. A survey of the origin and development of life on earth as revealed by the fossil record. (40.0601)

GEOL 152. Dinosaur Geology. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: GEOL 101. Survey of geological evidence supporting interpretation of dinosaur diversity, ecology, behavior, and extinction. (40.0601)

GEOL 203. Petroleum Geology. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: GEOL 101 or permission of instructor. Course offers an excellent overview and understanding of the areas of science that relate to the earth’s petroleum resources including their nature, origin, distribution, discovery and utilization. (40.0601)

GEOL 300. Oceanography. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: GEOL 101, or permission of department head. History of oceanography, nomenclature, fundamentals of physical properties of the watermass; survey of physical, biological, chemical, and geological oceanography. Fa only. (40.0607)

GEOL 370. Environmental Geology. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: GEOL 101. The application of geological principles to assessing the interaction between man and the environment. Fluvial and coastal systems will be emphasized. Sp only. Odd years. (40.0601)