Graduate Faculty

Membership on the Graduate Faculty is determined by the Graduate Council on the basis of an individual’s duties and qualifications after recommendation of the appropriate coordinator of graduate studies and academic dean. Standards of the College Delegate Assembly of  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges require that Graduate Faculty members be productive, creative scholars. Productive scholarship requires devotion to the discovery, development, and refinement of knowledge and techniques in one’s field of expertise. Recommendations for appointment further are restricted to persons who are, or will be, actively providing graduate academic services and/or graduate instruction for the University.

Appointment to the Graduate Faculty is recognition of outstanding achievement and not an honor bestowed simply because of position or service. Formal appointment to the Graduate Faculty is made by the President at the request of the Graduate Council.

Graduate Faculty Members Listed by College

College of Arts & Sciences

Regular Membership

Scott Banville

Edith Ellen Barker

Scott Beslin

Christopher Bonvillain

Ramaraj B. Boopathy

Deborah Cibelli

Timothy Clay

Katherine Conner

Solomon David

Jean Donegan

Yusheng Dou

John P. Doucet

James A. Elithorp Jr.

Richmond Eustis

Allyse M. Ferrara

Quenton C. Fontenot

Matthew R. Gamel

Sean Allen Graham

Aimee Hollander

Xiaoxu Jiang

Todd Kennedy

Kenneth Klaus

Gary J. LaFleur

Glenn V. Lo

Matthew Marlow

Stephen Michot

Rajkumar Nathaniel

Erick Piller

DesLey Plaisance

Abigail Scherer

Sara Shields-Menard

J. Bryant Smith

J. Jay Udall

Shana Walton

Darcey Wayment

Robin White

Jonathan Willis

Paul Wilson

Cong-Cong Xing

Chadwick H. Young

Kaisa Young

Enmin Zou

Associate Membership

Allison Bergeron

Heather C. Gamel

Brian Kenneth Heck

Balaji Ramachandran

Duane M. Smith

Michele D. Theriot

Ianna H. West

Professional Affiliate Membership

Marshall Wayne Bowles

Jane Carlson

David Johnson

Richard Johnson

Catherine Murphy

Bryan Piazza

Aaron Pierce

Guillaume Rieucau

Adjunct Membership

Joshua Goodman

College of Business Administration

Regular Membership

Luke Cashen

Christopher Castille

Ken Chadwick

Michael A. Chaisson

Xiaoyan Chu

Laura Coogan

Ronnie Fanguy

Krisandra Guidry

John Lajaunie

Shari Lawrence

Xun Li

Martin Meder

Stephanie Merrell

Abdullah Noman

Associate Membership

Kevin Breaux

Marilyn Macik-Frey

Ray Peters

Laura Valenti

College of Education

Regular Membership

Elizabeth Benchea Block

Jessica Fanguy Cortez

Francis Crochet

Grant Gautreaux

Dennis Guillot

Angelle Hebert

Mary L. Junot

Meagan Boyd Medley

Tiffany Galliano Papa

Gary Rosenthal

Rodney D. Soignier

Gregg Stall

Stephen S. Triche

Cynthia B. Vavasseur

Associate Membership

Mary Breaud

Carmen D. Broussard

Michele E. Caruso

Laura Darcy

Sara Dempster

Eugene A. Dial Jr.

Earl Folse

Brian Keith Knight

Chris K. Rachal

Kimberly Reynolds

Derek Shanman

Betsy Kieff St. Pierre

Zoe Tanner

Adjunct Membership

Nicole Bourgeois

Ernest Ellender

Amanda Johns

Dolleen-Day Keohane

Julie Landry

Corrie Minges

Leah Peterson

Sarah Roussel

Robin Sasser

James Shorter

College of Nursing and Allied Health

Regular Membership

Angelique Allemand

Angele Davis

Bridget Price

Brigett Scott

Associate Membership

Callie Baskett

Melissa Clay

Sherry Foret

Ashley Gary

Travis Lewis

Meryn Olivier

Helena Richard

Tanya Schreiber

Charlene Smith

M’Lea Talbot

Adjunct Membership

Michael Landry

Malana Sutherland

Angelique Torres

Regular Membership

A Regular Member of the Graduate Faculty is authorized to perform functions appropriate to graduate education. Minimum qualifications for appointment are the highest terminal earned degree or the clear equivalent in the field, the rank of Assistant Professor or higher, avowed interest in graduate instruction, experience in teaching advanced subjects, and a minimum of two peer-reviewed research publications within the last five years along with evidence of continued scholarly activity during that time period. Regular members of the faculty are evaluated for reappointment every five years.

Associate Membership

An Associate Member is appointed for two years to teach specifically designated courses, the content of which lies within the area of specialization of the faculty member. Minimum qualifications for appointment are completion of a master’s degree and possession of unique qualifications for teaching the specialized courses to which the individual would be assigned. An Associate Member is not authorized to serve as major professor for graduate students. Associate Members whose services are required for longer than two years must be re-submitted for approval.

Professional Affiliate Membership

A Professional Affiliate (PA) may be appointed to a renewable two-year term based on evidence of expertise or knowledge that is directly relevant and applicable to the professional program in which the individual will be involved. PAs may engage in instructional activities at the master’s level and may serve as a member of thesis committees but may not normally chair except by permission of the Director of Graduate Studies. Expertise is defined in terms of recent activities recognized by the focal area as indicative of excellence. Appropriate indicators may include but are not limited to: terminal degrees in focal or relevant areas; professional certification; licensure, diplomas, or record of professional practice; and demonstrated professional excellence through performances, exhibitions, presentations, professional publications, or national awards. Individuals whose professional activities are a function of their Nicholls employment are ineligible for professional affiliate status.

Adjunct Membership

An Adjunct Member of the graduate faculty is a visiting member of the faculty who meets all criteria for appointment either as a Regular Member or as an Associate Member, but who is not a permanent employee of the University. Appointment as an Adjunct Member is for two years to teach specifically designated courses, the content of which lies within the area of specialization of the faculty member. Adjunct Members whose services are required for longer than two years must be re-submitted for approval.

Application for Membership on the Graduate Faculty