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Homecoming Court Selection Process 2024

The Nicholls Homecoming Court will consist of 14 students (7 candidates for queen, 7 candidates for king) who serve as role models for the entire university community. Students selected to the court must exhibit qualities such as leadership, good character, a respect for diversity, loyalty to Nicholls, true Colonel Pride, and effective communication skills. The two students elected as 2024 Homecoming Royalty are expected to be positive representatives of Nicholls State University. The process of identifying the 14 court members will be overseen and implemented through the office of the Dean of Students.

A. Homecoming Court Qualifications and Nominations

  1. Students may be nominated by any currently enrolled student, recognized student organization/group, or may be self-nominated. Each student or organization/group may only nominate five candidates for queen and five candidates for king.
  2. Nominations must be submitted online no later than noon on Friday, August 30, 2024.
  3. Nominees must be at least juniors or seniors based on earned credit hours.
  4. Nominees must have a 2.7 or higher cumulative GPA.
    1. for academic years 21-22 and 22-23 GPA requirement will be 2.5 due to COVID impact
  5. Nominees must be enrolled as full-time  Nicholls students or considered full-time by the academic program in which they are enrolled.
  6. Nominees must be in good standing with the University and not be on academic or disciplinary probation.
  7. Students may be selected to the court only once over the course of their enrollment at Nicholls.
  8. The panel will implement the screening process (described in Section C) resulting in the selection of the Homecoming Court.
  9. Dates for the panel to meet and interview will be on September 16-18, 2024.
  10. The Homecoming Court will be announced on Thursday, September 19, 2024. (Will be announced after 12:00 PM)
  11. The students will vote for one King and one Queen. Voting will occur online from 8:00AM on Tuesday, October 15, 2024 – until noon on Thursday, October 17, 2024.
  12. Headshots will be scheduled by the Dean of Students Office.
  13.  The Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at halftime during the Homecoming football game on Saturday, October 26, 2024. 

B. Application and Selection Process

A Homecoming Panel will review each application and will be appointed by the Dean of Students Office. 

  1. The voting members of the Panel will consist of:
    1. 6 students (Students may be selected to the Panel only once over their lifetime enrollment at Nicholls)
      1. The SGA president, SPA president, SGA DEI Council, and NAACP president will each appoint one student. 
      2. Dean of Students, in collaboration with Academic Services, will appoint two students who are not associated with large organizations and represent the general student population
    2. 2 faculty appointed by the Provost or Faculty Senate if so delegated by the


  1. 2 staff
    1. One appointed by the Unclassified Staff Advisory Council
    2. One appointed by the Classified Staff Panel
  2. 2 alumni appointed by the Alumni Federation
  3. The immediate past King and Queen.
    1. If the immediate past King and Queen cannot serve, one finalist for King and one finalist for Queen from the prior year’s court will be appointed to the Panel.
  1. The Homecoming Panel Chair will serve as a non-voting member and will always be the

SGA president.  If the SGA President is nominated, the responsibility falls to SGA Vice President, then SGA Treasurer, SGA Rights & Grievances, SGA Public Relations until an E-Board Member is identified who has not been nominated.

  1. All Panel members must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the first meeting or access to materials.
  2. Applications are due by noon on September 4, 2024. 

C. Application and Interview Scoring

Applications Scoring: 


  1. Applications will be scored with maximum points for each section as noted below.
    1. Honors and Scholarship: 0-20 points
    2. Campus and Community Involvement: 0-20 points
    3. Academic Success: 0-10 points
  • 4 points for GPA 2.5 through 2.9 (for academic year 21-22 and 22-23 GPA requirement will be 2.5 due to COVID impact)
  1. 7 points for GPA 3.0 through 3.4
  2. 10 points for GPA 3.5 and higher
  3. Essay response to question:0-10 points
  • Based on a rubric that evaluates content related to thoroughness and direct response to questions, reflection of Colonel Pride, and grammar.
  • Essays will be scored by noon on Friday, September 13, 2024

Total Preliminary Application Points Possible: 60 points

  • Upon completion of the application and essay scoring, all applicants with a score of 30 or higher will be interviewed.


 Interview Scoring:

  1. A minimum of five and a maximum of 10 Panel members will be present for each interview to ensure fairness without overwhelming candidates.
  2. Interviews may be done virtually or in person, but the decision must be made by the Dean of Students Office. 
  3. All interviews will be recorded whether they are virtual or in person.
  4. All Panel Members are required to view and score all interviews, whether they attended live or watched the recording.
  5. A maximum of five interview questions will be asked of each candidate.
  6. A rubric will be used to evaluate interviews based on the following criteria/categories that will be made known to candidates prior to the interview and be worth eight (8) points each:
    1. Composure, professionalism, and confidence
    2. Enthusiasm and sincerity
    3. Demonstration and conveyance of leadership qualities
    4. Communication and expression abilities
    5. Overall Colonel Pride and Spirit

Total Interview  points possible:  40 points

Total overall score possible: 100 points

Court Finalists:


  1. Scores from the application and the interviews will be added together. The seven applicants for queen with the highest scores within the 100 possible points and the seven applicants for king with the highest scores within the 100 possible points will advance to become members of the Homecoming Court. In the event of a tie for the seventh spot, the interview score alone will be used to break the tie. If a tie remains, the application score alone will be used. 
  2. If a tie remains, the essay score alone will be used. If a tie remains, a simple majority vote of the Panel will determine who claims the seventh spot. The Panel Chair and the Dean of Students will review and total the scores and apply any necessary tie breakers. The Panel will be notified of the 14 members who will advance.

D. Election Process

  1. Once this process is complete and the 14 court members have been identified, the two winners will be voted on by the student body as per the SGA election code.
  2. All concerns, violations, and complaints related to this election will be processed through the SGA. 
  3. The Homecoming Court will be announced on Thursday, September 19, 2024, after 12:00 noon.
  4. The students will vote for one King and one Queen. Voting will take place online from 8:00 AM on Tuesday, October 15, 2024, until noon on Thursday, October 17, 2024.

E. Obligations of Homecoming Court

  1.  Mandatory meetings with the Dean of Students, SGA Election Commissioner, and the Homecoming Court Selection Chair to review the process, rules, regulations, expectations, and the SGA Election Code.
    1. This meeting may be virtual or in person as determined by the DoS.
  2. Adhere to all regulations within the SGA Election Code and Student Code of Conduct.
  3. Headshots must be scheduled through the Dean of Students Office from Monday, October 7, to Tuesday, October 8th.
  4. Attend the list of appearances at events provided at the initial mandatory meeting unless class or work interfere
  5.  Represent the university in both words and actions throughout the entire process in person,on social media, email, and any other form of communication and interaction.
  6. Remember this is an honor, not a competition.
  7. The Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at halftime during the Homecoming Football game on Saturday, October 26, 2024.

F. General Annual Attention to this Process

  1. The dates contained in this document will be altered each year in relation to the date of Homecoming weekend as determined by the university.
    1. The Dean of Students will select:
      1. The essay question is from a pool of questions approved by the President’s Cabinet Every five years. (adopted in 2021)
      2. The interview questions are from a pool of questions approved by the President’s Cabinet every five years that reflect the approved rubric categories.
  2. All official evaluation, scoring, and commenting should be done digitally in a manner that allows Panel members to submit their scores and comments through a form that goes to the Homecoming Court Selection Chair and is not stored in any Panel member accounts or devices.
  3. Summaries of outcomes should be shared with the Panel in a manner that does not allow Panel members to save, copy, or store the information in their accounts or devices.
  4. Written/Print Copies- Panel members must turn in all written notes and scoring sheets to the Dean of Students. 
  5. All digital and written/printed materials should be turned into the Dean of Students Office at the end of the selection process.
  6.  This extended detailed version of the process is to ensure the Panel has clear instructions. While this version will remain accessible to the campus community, a concise version will be posted for students that is clear, user-friendly, and provides appropriate guidance and transparency.


Week Event Registration Information

If a campus department would like to host an event and have it listed as a homecoming week event, all appropriate event request forms must be submitted to the Reservations Office which is located in the Student Union near the Post Office.  Student organizations should use the event registration form in Presence.  Homecoming Week is organized by the Homecoming Committee which is facilitated by Alumni Affairs.  

Updated 4/30/2024

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