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Campus Activities and Student Involvement!

The Student Programming Association (SPA) is run by students for students. All Nicholls students are automatically members. As the largest student-led organization at Nicholls, the SPA seeks primarily to enhance and improve campus life. It does this by sponsoring events that focus on entertainment, culture, recreation and social life, as well as activities that contribute to the university’s academic mission.

SPA plans numerous events throughout the year. These include film showings, recreational and school-spirit activities, cultural and holiday celebrations, Homecoming Week activities, Comedy Night, Mardi Gras Breakfast and Dance, and Crawfish Day.

Student involvement is essential in the planning and execution of all SPA activities. Students wishing to become active can do so by participating in a committee, serving on the executive board, volunteering at events or just by sharing ideas. Working in a collaborative environment, students gain hands-on experience in event planning, vendor evaluation/selection, business practices, and university policies and procedures. The SPA has five standing committees: Entertainment, Multicultural, Special Events, Spirit, and Union Activities.

SPA invites all students to get involved. We want and need your energy and ideas!

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Homecoming Breakfast and Dance Silent Disco