Nicholls CAFÉ

Center for Advancing Faculty Engagement

CAFE’ is committed to providing our faculty and staff with professional development opportunities that enhance their work both in and out of the classroom.  We present topics covering almost all areas in higher education including academic advising, best practices in the classroom, student life, assessment, general education, special student populations, retention, student success, and many more.

CAFE includes professional development from both our Quality Enhancement Plan: Student Advising and Mentoring (SAM) and our Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE).  The two centers facilitate faculty and staff development activities that help foster student success and retention.  Both centers host workshops, reading groups, panel discussions, and other activities to promote scholarship research.

For information on workshops that count towards SAM Advisor Certification, please visit the SAM webpage at this link.

For information on workshops and activities from the Center for Teaching Excellence, please visit the CTE webpage at this link.

Workshops that count towards SAM Advisor Certification are designated with .  Workshops that cover topics related to General Education are designated with