Humanities Write


Dr. Erick Piller, Department of Languages and Literature

Dr. Michael Martin, Department of Languages and Literature

The Humanities Write is a writing group that provides faculty members with both feedback and an accountability framework.  All humanities faculty or those faculty who want to write on humanities topics are invited to participate. Each meeting will have an opportunity to have a check-in about on-going writing projects and feedback sessions for at least two papers. All participants will be expected to be currently engaged in academic writing with an eye to publication and to participate as peer reviewers for at least one paper a semester. The goal of the group is to support new and established faculty in research and writing and to increase faculty publishing in the humanities.


If you are interested in the Humanities Write faculty group, please fill out our interest form and one of the facilitators can correspond with you.  Click here to complete the interest form.

We look forward to seeing you at Humanities Write.