2019 Fall Commencement

Stopher Gymnasium – Saturday, December 14, 2019

9:00am – College of Business Administration & College of Nursing

12:00 noon – College of Liberal Arts & Chef John Folse Culinary Institute

3:00pm – College of Education and Behavioral Sciences & College of Sciences and Technology

The Nicholls Graduation Commencement Ceremonies are typically held twice a year after the Fall and Spring semesters. It’s an exciting time for our graduates and their families. Please review the following information to make this an enjoyable commencement journey for graduates and their families.


State Senator and Nicholls State University alumnus Norbért “Norby” Chabert will deliver the keynote speech during the 105th commencement ceremony. 

Graduation will be split into three ceremonies. Graduation ceremonies for the College of Business Administration and the College of Nursing will be at 9 a.m., the College of Liberal Arts and  the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute at noon and the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and the College of Sciences and Technology at 3 p.m.

Sen. Chabert is finishing a 10-year run as the District 20 State Senator, representing south Lafourche, south Terrebonne and parts of Thibodaux. 

“My message to graduates will be one that conveys what it means to come from where we do, endure what we endure along the coast and how the Nicholls experience fully prepares us for success in the next chapter of our lives,” Chabert said. 

Chabert graduated from Nicholls with a degree in government in 2001. The Bayou Petite Caillou native was elected to represent District 20 in the Louisiana State Senate in 2009. The district had been previously held by his father, Leonard Chabert, and brother, Marty Chabert. 

Prior to his time in the senate, Chabert worked as a political consultant to federal, state and local officials. He started Chabert Development, LLC. in 2006 and served as assistant marketing director at Nicholls. 

He was inducted into the Louisiana Political Hall of Fame along with his brother and father in 2013. 

During the ceremony, Chabert will receive an honorary doctorate of humane letters, recognizing his contributions to Nicholls, higher education and South Louisiana. 

“I’m humbled beyond words,” he said. “I love Nicholls, and all that it has done for my family and me personally. I will forever aspire to live up to this distinguished honor.”

Nicholls State University will hold commencement ceremonies for Fall 2019 on Saturday, December 14, 2019. This includes all associate, bachelor, and masters degrees.

Below are instructions concerning the ceremony. Please read these instructions carefully. It is important that you check your student email and Inside Nicholls regularly for any changes or updates. Students and faculty are required to respect the dignity of the commencement ceremony and dress according to accepted policy.


Arrival and lineup instructions
1. All graduation candidates must assemble in Peltier Auditorium on the Nicholls campus no later than 1 hour prior to their scheduled graduation ceremony:

a. College of Business Administration and College of Nursing – Arrive in Peltier Auditorium no later than 8:00 a.m.
b. College of Liberal Arts and Chef John Folse Culinary Institute – Arrive in Peltier Auditorium no later than 11:00 a.m.
c. College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and College of Sciences and Technology – Arrive in Peltier Auditorium no later than 2:00 p.m.

2. Faculty marching in commencement exercises will assemble in the lobby of Polk Hall no later than 45 minutes prior to their college’s scheduled graduation ceremony:

a. College of Business Administration and College of Nursing – Arrive in Polk Hall no later than 8:15 a.m.
b. College of Liberal Arts and Chef John Folse Culinary Institute – Arrive in Polk Hall no later than 11:15 a.m.
c. College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and College of Sciences and Technology – Arrive in Polk Hall no later than 2:15 p.m.

  • Each graduate will find an index card with their name on it at their designated seat. The graduate must take this card with them when they proceed to Stopher Gymnasium.
  • Also, at each designated seat, there will be a pencil and short employment survey. Each graduate should complete the card and submit it to the University administrator present.
  • Tassels on caps are to be worn on the left side at all times.
  • Candidates are urged not to bring purses or valuables inside.


1. Ten minutes before the ceremony begins, all candidates will proceed to their seats in Stopher Gymnasium as directed by the faculty marshals. Comfortable dress shoes are recommended for the short walk from Peltier Hall to Stopher Gymnasium. We ask that you please remain standing after being directed to your designated seating section.

2. Faculty, double file, will be directed to proceed to the entrance of Stopher Gymnasium and down the center aisle of the student seating section. At that point they will be directed to the faculty seating areas by faculty marshals. We ask that you please remain standing once you arrive at your seat.
3. Officials and dignitaries will move to their positions on stage and remain standing.

1. We ask that you remain standing during the rendition of the national anthem and delivery of the invocation. Males are asked to remove caps and place them over the left side of the chest during this phase of the program.

2. Upon the conclusion of the invocation, all may be seated and males are requested to replace caps. All will remain seated during the introductions and commencement address.

3. Important to all degree candidates: Presentation of Candidates for Degrees will be made for each group of degree candidates by Dr. Westbrook followed by the conferring of degrees for these candidates by Dr. Clune. Each group will be asked to stand in unison, be recognized, and then be seated. Degrees will be conferred in this order: master’s degree candidates, bachelor’s degree candidates, and associate degree candidates, as appropriate.

4. Dr. Clune will announce the Presentation of Diplomas by college and department. Honor graduates will be recognized prior to the conferring of degrees.

5. A reader will call the name of individual graduates (the graduate will present his/her name card to the reader) for each college. Faculty marshals will assist the degree candidates during the ceremony. The faculty marshals will direct you to the stage. After receiving your diploma cover, return to your seat as directed by the faculty marshals and remain standing until all degree candidates have returned to your seating row. This group will then be seated. Master’s degrees will be awarded, followed by bachelor’s degree candidates, followed by the associate degree candidates. The same procedure will be followed by each respective college as appropriate to the degrees awarded.

6. We ask that all rise for the alma mater and remain standing during the benediction. Males are asked to remove caps and place over the left side of the chest.

7. Upon completion of the benediction all are asked to remain standing in place until the officials and dignitaries have departed the stage and moved past the first row of the faculty. The faculty will then follow the stage party, beginning with the first faculty row. Graduates will stand fast until the last row of the faculty has moved past the last row of students. The graduates will then be dismissed from the gymnasium floor by the faculty marshals.

Graduation caps may be decorated in celebration of your graduation. Any decorations applied to the cap should be appropriate and in good taste, and should not contain any offensive language or graphics. Additionally, decorations should not obstruct the view of any other graduate when seated or standing.

  1. Each graduation candidate must order a cap and gown with the bookstore, which is usually done in conjunction with Graduate Day held at the beginning of the semester. If you did not attend Graduate Day, you must see the bookstore to order your cap and gown. You may check with the bookstore two weeks before commencement regarding the arrival of caps and gowns. It is your responsibility to pick up your own cap and gown order from the bookstore on campus before the day of the ceremony. The bookstore can be reached at (985) 448-4540.
  2. All graduation candidates should wear comfortable, dark dress shoes for the walk from Peltier Auditorium to Stopher Gymnasium.
  3. Suggested dress for women includes street-length dresses or dress slacks and a blouse, preferably of a dark color, under the gown with comfortable, dark dress shoes.
  4. Suggested dress for men includes white shirts without coats, ties, and dark trousers. Dark, comfortable dress shoes and socks are also recommended.
  5. Please respect the dignity of your academic robe by avoiding the attachments of personal decorations or signs.
  6. The academic cap should be pulled halfway down the forehead so the upper part of the forehead is covered. The sides of the cap should be equidistant from the top center of the head. The cap must not be worn at an angle. The long part of the cap fits over the back of the head. The tassel is to be placed on the left side of the cap.
  7. Graduation announcements are on sale at the bookstore. For prices and ordering information, you may reach the bookstore at (985) 448-4540.
  8. A professional, photographer will take an individual picture of each graduate receiving a diploma. The photographer will mail proofs within two weeks of graduation. Please make sure your mailing address and email address are correct with the University on Banner Self-Service.

To be eligible to walk in the graduation procession students must have applied for graduation by the stated deadline date with the intent to have met all graduation requirements by the end of the term. Deans will have authority to grant exceptions to this requirement, but this exception should be granted rarely and for only unusual circumstances as determined by the dean.