Controller's Office

Welcome to the Controller’s Office of Nicholls State University.  The Controller’s Office provides business services to students, faculty and staff through  its Administrative, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Grants and Fee Collections departments.  The office strives to assist students, faculty and staff on a variety of financial matters in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

Mailing Address:
Nicholls State University
Controller’s Office
P.O. Box 2003
Thibodaux, LA 70310

Physical Address:
Nicholls State University
Controller’s Office
142 Elkins Hall
906 East First Street
Thibodaux, LA 70301

Controller’s Office
Phone Number – (985) 448-4066
Fax Number – (985) 449-7025

Fee Collection Center
Phone Number  – (985) 448-4058
Fee Collection Center Fax Number – (985) 449-7098

Hours of Operation:
Controller’s Office –
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday (closed 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. for lunch)

Fee Collection Center –
8:15 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. Monday – Friday


Elizabeth Riviere
142 Elkins Hall
Phone:  985 448-4067

Associate Controller for Reporting
142 Elkins Hall
Phone:  985 448-4881

Debra Bertrand
Administrative Assistant 5
142 Elkins Hall
Phone:  985 448-4064

Melissa Rivere
Accounting Data Coordinator
142 Elkins Hall
Phone:  985 448-4989

Accounts Payable

Sandra Waguespack
Accounts Payable Supervisor
148C Elkins Hall
Phone:  985 448-4072

Debra Champagne
Accounting Specialist 2
148A Elkins Hall
Phone:  985-493-2518

Mary Doiron
Accounting Specialist 2
149C Elkins Hall
Phone:  985-448-4073

Cindy Sue DuBois
Accounting Specialist 2
148B Elkins Hall
Phone:  985 448-4074

Payroll & Grants

Cindy Andrews
Assistant Controller for Accounting and Payroll
148 Elkins Hall
Phone:  985 448-4061

 Wendy LeBlanc (Academic Payroll)
Accountant 2
149E Elkins Hall
Phone:  985 448-4065

Amber Brady (Grants)
Accounting Technician
151 Elkins Hall
Phone:  985-493-2519

Kay Legendre (Bi-Weekly Payroll)
Accountant 3
149F Elkins Hall
Phone:  985-448-4063

Donna Naquin (Grants)
Accounting Technician
149D Elkins Hall
Phone:  985-448-4467

Fee Collection Center

Jason Daigle
157 Elkins Hall
Phone:  985 448-4055

Shafonia Thibodaux
Administrative Coordinator 1
157 Elkins Hall
Phone:  985-448-4058

Connie Naquin
Accounting Specialist 1
159 Elkins Hall
Phone:  985 448-4056

Dawn Richard
Accountant 1
152 Elkins Hall
Phone:  985 493-2506

The Accounts Payable section of the Controller’s Office is responsible for processing all payments for the university.  Checks and ACH files are produced for this purpose.  Student credit balance checks and ACH deposits come from this section.  All official state travel settlements are processed in this section.  Accounts Payable also produces the unclaimed property report each year.

Direct Deposit

  • Student Credit Balance Refund
    Avoid waiting on the mail for credit balance refund checks, sign up for direct deposit.  Go to  Direct Deposit Credit Balance and download direct deposit form.  Bring the completed form to the Fee Collection Center or mail to:

Controller’s Office
Attn:  Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 2003
Thibodaux, LA 70301

A checking or savings account is required.  A voided check or copy of account card verifying checking or savings account number and routing number must be provided with the completed direct deposit form.


All university travel is processed in the Accounts Payable department.  Please refer to the Louisiana State Travel website for all updated information.

LA DOA State Travel.aspx 

2019-2020 State Travel Guide.aspx

Nicholls State University official travel forms – Travel Forms New 1.1.20

Hold Harmless Agreement

Hold Harmless Agreement State

International Travel Request (3)

Government Employee Hotel Lodging Sales/Use Tax Exemption Certificate – Travel Tax Exemption

Park-N-Fly & Automobile Rental Tax Exempt Form – park-n-fly-tax-exempt-form

This form is to be used by travelers on official state business for automobile rental and Park-N-Fly parking only.  It is extremely important that state travelers use this form, along with either a state ID or a business card, when parking at Park-N-Fly located at the New Orleans airport.  If you do not have this form and an ID/business card, you will not be exempt from State of Louisiana 4% tax.

Park-N-Fly charges state and local taxes, as well as airport usage fees.  All charges are allowed, however, state taxes are avoided by presenting the completed Park-N-Fly tax exempt form when exiting Park-N-Fly parking facility, along with either a state ID or business card.  Charges of $7.00 per day/$42.00 per week remains the same.

Hotel Planner

The State of Louisiana has an agreement with Hotel Planner for lodging reservations.  If Hotel Planner is used, charges must be paid through NSU Control Billed Account (CBA).

Shorts Travel
All airfare for travel on official state business must be booked through Shorts Travel Agency and charged to the NSU CBA.  Airfare booked outside of Shorts will not be reimbursed to the traveler.

Unclaimed Property

Below is the link to the Louisiana Department of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property Division.

Unclaimed Property

The Administrative section of the Controller’s Office is considered the Reporting section.  We prepare financial statements and reports that are required by the University and outside authorities such as the University of Louisiana System, Board of Regents, the Louisiana Legislature, and the Statewide Office of Reporting and Accounting Policy.  We assist with the completion of the FISAP and required NCAA reports.  Our office works closely with the auditors who are sent out biannually from the Louisiana Legislative Auditors’ Office.

The Administrative section of the Controller’s Office is responsible for maintaining computer information such as setting up tuition and fee tables as well as all new Banner funds, accounts and organizations.

All tax forms, such as W-2, 1098-T, 1099, 1099-K and 1042-S are generated from the Controller’s Office with the exception of 1095-C which is processed in the Human Resources department.

Banner Security
All requests for Banner access are processed in the Administrative area of the Controller’s office using the Banner Finance Access form which can be accessed below.  Please fill in the form completely, obtain the necessary signatures, and return the original to the Controller’s Office for processing.


Installment Payment Plans

The Installment Payment Plan allows students to pay tuition and fees over time.  The first payment along with a non-refundable $50.00 service charge is due at the time the student signs the Payment Plan promissory note.  The remaining balance due is to be paid in installments during the term.  Payment plans are not available to students who are registered in Summer Term A or Summer Term B ONLY or Winter Session.

To request an installment payment plan, the student should come into the Controller’s Office, 142 Elkins Hall and ask to speak with someone who can process a payment plan.  Students may also call the Controller’s Office at 985-448-4066 or visit for more information.

Employee Tuition and Fee Reduction

Employees of Nicholls State University may be eligible to receive the Employee and Dependent Tuition and Fee reduction.  The following conditions apply:

Faculty / Staff

  • Faculty/Staff must be employed full-time at a University of Louisiana System institution
  • Reduction up to six (6) hours per term – reduced tuition charge of $25 per credit hour – no less than $25 per credit hour and not to exceed $150 – for undergraduate or graduate level courses
  • Academic Excellence Fee, Operational Fee, Energy Surcharge and Technology Fee and Educational Support Fee are not exempt
  • Policy applies only to courses and programs for which regular tuition is charged
  • Nicholls Online program does not qualify for the reduction

Spouses & Dependents

  • Spouses and dependents of employees who meet the requirement may also be eligible for reduced tuition.  In addition, they must be reported on the employee’s most current income tax return
  • Only undergraduate coursework for undergraduate students is eligible for the reduced tuition charges
  • Academic Excellence Fee, Operational Fee, Technology Fee and Educational Support Fee and any and all student-assessed fees are not exempt

For more detailed information of the Employee and Dependent Tuition and Fee Policy visit the University of Louisiana System website at

Access to the Employee and Dependent Tuition Exemption form can be found below.


Completed exemption forms should be submitted to the Controller’s Office no later than one week prior to fee payment deadline to allow for processing.  Original forms are required.

Petty Cash Reimbursement

Petty cash reimbursements may be issued for purchases or charges made in  emergency or unusual circumstances.  Petty cash reimbursement should not be used in lieu of following proper purchasing procedures.  Petty cash is reimbursed in the form of a check and cannot be for more than $100.00.  All requests for petty cash reimbursement should be submitted in writing with an explanation of the circumstances along with original receipts to the Controller’s Office for approval and processing.  Reimbursement is not guaranteed.  The Purchasing department is always the proper channel for university purchases.

Student Fee Breakdown Request

Students can request to have a breakdown of their tuition and fees printed on NSU letterhead.  All requests should be submitted by the student to the Controller’s Office.

The Fee Collection Center is responsible for the invoicing and collection of monies owed to the university.  All monies collected for the university from students, faculty, staff and the community are deposited through the Fee Collection Center.

For more information on Tuition & Fees please visit the Fee Information page at

Fee Collection Center Phone – (985) 448-4058
Fee Collection Center Fax – (985) 449-7098

The Grants Accounting department monitors all restricted funds and awarded grants for the university. It is responsible for financial reporting and billing of grantors.  The Grants department is responsible for processing 1099 tax forms each year.  All professional service contracts for the university are processed through the Grants department.

Grants & Accounting Set-Up Sheet

Grants Policies & Procedures


The Payroll Department is responsible for processing payroll for academic, unclassified and classified bi-weekly employees.  The Payroll department produces all payroll checks and ACH files and handles all other remittances associated with payroll such as taxes, retirement, insurance and all other optional deductions available to our employees.  All W-2 tax forms are processed by the Payroll department.

Employees can view their pay information, personal information, leave balances and tax information through Banner Self-Serve.  Direct Deposit is mandatory for all Nicholls employees.

Direct Deposit Form Payroll

2019-2020 Payroll Calendar

Timesheet Classified Blank

Timesheet Unclassified Blank

Timesheet Faculty-Adjunct-GA Blank

Web Time Entry Instructions