All Nicholls events — whether held on campus or off campus, whether planned by a student group or university office — require an event request form:

•  For Campus Departments: Department Event Approval Form for On- and Off-Campus Events

•  For Student Organizations: Student Activities and Fundraiser Request Form for On-Campus Events (GOLD FORM)

 (For Student Organization Off-Campus Events, pick up the RED FORM from the Student Life Office)

•  For Off-Campus Customers: Online Request for Events at Nicholls or Event (Reservation) Request FORM



The Nicholls campus is home to various events: athletic games, musical concerts, art shows, movies, fundraisers, lectures, workshops and other entertainment and activities. See what’s happening today by visiting our University Calendar.



The Campus Reservations Office at Nicholls State University helps ensure the successful planning of events hosted by students, campus organizations and departments as well as off-campus customers.

To ensure that campus events run smoothly and are well executed, our staff is available to guide you through the planning process – from selecting a date/time and reserving a campus facility to connecting you with university resources such as audio-visual equipment, catering services and decorative plants. We also work closely with the Office of University Marketing and Communications to ensure that events for the campus or general public are promoted through the online university calendar, Inside e-newsletters, social media, the university marquee and other promotional avenues.

If you have any questions about how to get started planning your next event, contact us at reservations@nicholls.edu.




Last reviewed: 1/31/2018