Guidelines for Student Organizations

Student organizations that are chartered or officially recognized by the university may reserve most facilities without charge. Fees for rental and/or personnel may be applicable depending on location and time of the event.

  1. These groups must be in good standing with the university and owe no outstanding debt from the previous semester.
  2. Organizations with an outstanding debt to the university from a previous reservation will not be allowed to schedule or sponsor events in any university facility subject to these rules until the debt is paid in full.
  3. Student organizations cannot reserve university facilities for an off-campus group or organization.

Food/Beverage Policy:

  1. Student organizations may self-cater only “closed” organization activities. A closed organization function is one in which only members and their guests will be present. Self-catering refers to food that is provided by members (not purchased from an off-campus vendor).
  2. The campus food service contractor must always provide alcoholic beverage service.
  3. Student organizations may not self-cater for events open to the public. The contracted food service company must cater all events open to the public. This means that the campus food service contractor must provide all food and beverage service (including alcohol). The campus food service contractor will not serve donated food, beverage or alcoholic beverage.
  4. For fundraising events, student organizations are allowed to give away donated non-perishable food and non-alcoholic beverage.

Use of Facilities Policy:

  1. Reservations must be made through the Campus Reservations Office by submitting an event request form.
  2. Student organizations using Nicholls facilities are subject to all costs of staging the event.
  3. Student organizations are subject to overtime charges for any set-up or clean-up in which the custodial staff has to be assigned beyond their normal work schedule.
  4. The university reserves the right to require event security and/or University Police, at the student organization’s expense, to monitor any function they deem necessary. The university also reserves the right to determine the number of officers required based on the type of event, crowd expected, and university history.  In particular, events should be monitored that are:
    • open to the public
    • involve exchange of cash
    • serving alcohol
  5. The university reserves the right to approve all facility decorations.
    • A complete description and diagram are required in advance of the event.  This should be done as soon as plans are made and no later than two weeks prior to the event.
    • All decorations, props, or equipment must be removed immediately following the event unless prior approval is obtained from the Student Union Director. If not removed promptly and facility custodians are impeded from doing clean up or set up for another event or items left create a problem for the university, the Campus Reservations Office will assess a fee appropriate for the inconvenience involved with correcting the situation.
    • The university is not responsible for props, decorations, equipment and personal items, etc. used to set up, clean up, or stage an event, left unattended or not removed promptly, warranting removal or movement by university personnel.

Policy on Posters, Signs and Advertisements:

  1. Posters, signs, and all other display material are permitted only in designated areas throughout the university campus. A list of these areas can be obtained from the Campus Reservations Office. The following are exceptions to the above.
    • Student organizations may place printed material on organizational bulletin boards.
    • Student election campaign material may be placed in other areas with prior permission from the Student Union Director.
    • SGA and SPA informational and/or promotional material may be placed in other areas with prior permission from the Student Union Director.
  2. Posters, signs, and all other display material are not permitted on painted surfaces.  Failure to comply can result in assessment of damages to the responsible organization or party(ies).
  3. Fasteners, nails, staple, or screws are not permitted for use in placing decorations or posters or signs on walls. Only painter’s tape is permitted for these items.
  4. Any decorations, posters, signs used for special events must be removed by the sponsoring organization immediately following the function.
  5. The use of table tents, for advertisement purposes in the Snack Bar, Colonel’s Retreat and Galliano Dining Hall is permitted with prior approval from the Campus Reservations Office.
  6. The Office of Auxiliary Services must approve all promotional materials from off-campus sources before they are displayed.
  7. The university is not responsible for items stored or left in the facilities without prior approval or without the appropriate attachment measures taken.