Board Members

 2018-19 HSIRB Committee Members

While any of the HSIRB Committee members are happy to assist you with your questions and HSIRB application, we ask that you contact the faculty member in the respective College or Department which is home to the researcher and/or faculty sponsor.


Dr. William (Bill) Thibodeaux
107 Ledet Hall, 985-493-2726

College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Duane Smith Jr.
134 Beauregard Hall, 985-448-4165

College of Business Administration
Dr. J Robert Field (CBA member and Committee Chair)
309B Powell Hall, 985-448-4181

College of Education
Dr. Kimberly Reynolds
247 Polk Hall, 985-448-4340

College of Nursing, Allied Health and Culinary Arts
Mrs. Callie Baskett
316 Ayo Hall, 985-448-4138

Department of Nursing
Dr. Tanya Schrieber
247 Ayo Hall, 985-448-4184

Department of Psychology
Dr. Rodney (Denis) Soignier
280 Polk Hall, 985-448-4359