Board Members / College Representatives

HSIRB Board Members / College Representatives 2022-2023

While any HSIRB Board Member is available to answer your questions regarding research and the HSIRB Application / Approval process, we ask that you first contact the Board Member / College Representative in the respective College or Department which is home to the researcher and/or faculty sponsor. Student researchers should first contact their faculty sponsor for assistance.

Chef John Folse Culinary Institute:
Dr. William (Bill) Thibodeaux
107 Ledet Hall, 985-493-2726


College of Business Administration:
Dr. J Robert Field (Representative and Committee Chair)
309B Powell Hall, 985-448-4181


College of Education and Behavioral Sciences:
Dr.  Aimee Hollander
245 Polk Hall, 985-448-4347


College of Liberal Arts:
Dr. Kathy Connor
246-K Peltier Hall, 985-448-4436


College of Nursing:
Mrs. Callie Baskett
316 Ayo Hall, 985-448-4138


College of Sciences & Technology:
Dr. Sherry Foret
107 Gouaux Hall, 985-448-4732


Department of Nursing:
Dr. Melissa Clay
247 Ayo Hall, 985-448-4184


Department of Psychology:
Dr. Rodney (Denis) Soignier
280 Polk Hall, 985-448-4359


Ms. Elizabeth Layton
220 Ellender Memorial Library, 985-448-4661


Ms. Melanie Collins
Ellender Memorial Library, 985-448-4944


Community Member:
Dr. Tanya Schrieber