Notice of Application Action

The project listed has been reviewed by the Nicholls State University Human Subjects Institutional Review Board, in accordance with Federal Drug Administration regulations (45 CFR 46) and Nicholls State University guidelines to ensure adherence to the following criteria:

  • The risks to subjects are minimized.
  • The risks to subjects are reasonable in relation to the anticipated benefits.
  • The selection of subjects in equitable.
  • Informed consent is adequate and appropriately documented.
  • Where appropriate, the research plan makes adequate provisions for monitoring the data collected to ensure the safety of the subjects.
  • Where appropriate, there are adequate provisions to protect the privacy of subjects and to maintain the confidentiality of all data.
  • Appropriate additional safeguards have been included to protect vulnerable subjects.
  • If approved, the maximum period of approval is limited to twelve months. Projects that exceed this period must submit an application for renewal or continuation.

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