Mary and Al Danos Theater

Thanks to a generous donation to the Nicholls Foundation by Mary and Al Danos, our theater underwent a $6.7 million renovation in 2015-16. The new theater has new seating, curtains, flooring and extensively upgraded lighting and sound equipment. The beautiful lobby has been redesigned and renovated to provide an elegant entrance to a magnificent performance space for musical and theatrical performances.

After four decades of heavy use, the Danos Theatre was in need of a renovation to create a more dynamic and versatile venue for arts education, performance, university ceremonies, and lectures. We renovated the theatre, adding new seating, state-of-the-art theatre equipment, versatile rigging systems, a demountable orchestra shell, and a new stage, among other improvements. Focusing on patron experience, we replaced and rearranged the seating and reduced the room’s capacity from 388 to 325. By upgrading the old counterweight rigging with motorized battens and adding a new stage extension, Danos productions were given a huge leap forward in their artistic freedom. We designed an Ethernet lighting network that allows the school to use both their existing incandescent lights as well as new LEDs, and we ensured that the system had the added infrastructure to let them expand in the future.