Forming a New Organization

Students seeking to form a new organization are required to submit the following items to the Office of Student Organizations. The following documents and sample documents can be obtained from the Office of Student Life.

  1. Intent to Organize
  2. New Organization Questionnaire
  3. New Organization Constitution Sample
  4. Student Organization Roster consisting of a minimum of 10 members
  5. A letter of acceptance from the faculty or staff person who will serve as advisor

A representative from the Office of Student Organizations reviews the file and then schedules a meeting with the proposed organization’s advisor and officers. The meeting’s purpose is to discuss activities, plans, goals and the protocols for reporting and policy compliance. The proposed organization may proceed with forming upon receiving a satisfactory initial review. Upon completion of procedures detailed above, the representative may recommend to the Student Organizations Committee that the group be granted probationary status for a period of one calendar year.