Group Exercise

Group Exercise classes are included in your membership to the Recreation Center. Please follow the steps to sign up for your desired class:

  • Stop by the Customer Service Desk in the Recreation Center to obtain a class pass. The class pass is required to reserve your spot in your desired class. Each class pass will be available starting at noon the day before the start of the group exercise class until class time.  You must obtain a class pass for each class you wish to attend.
  • You need to agree to a waiver. You will be asked to agree to a waiver every time you sign up for a class.
  • Bring your class pass with you to your desired class and give the pass back to the instructor. Members will not be admitted into the class five minutes after start time, even if you have a class pass.

Group Fitness Schedule Fall 2020


5:00pm- PiYo
5:00pm – Tillou Tabata



4:45pm – Strength & Form
5:30pm – BodyPump


4:00pm- Beginning Dance
5:00pm- Small Group Training
5:15pm- Zumba
5:30pm- Yoga


4:00pm – Kickboxing
5:30pm- BodyPump

*Schedule subject to change

Class Descriptions


includes low weight loads and high repetition movements, so you can burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle. Instructors: Lindsey & Rhylan


is traditionally a circuit style class using both strength and cardio based exercises. You’ll get a great workout while having fun! Instructor: Bryce


is a cardio based class focused on building strength and stamina! Each ride includes high energy songs with a mix of intervals, hills, and sprints. This is a low impact workout great for all levels. Instructor: Louise


Instructor: Magen


Instructor: Louise


is a maximum of 6 members who work with one of our personal trainers to not only get a great workout, but to learn how to use equipment and set up your own workout. Instructor: Ashley


is a class that will take you through lifts and focuses on form all while helping you to build strength. Whether you are new to weight training or want tips on your form this class is for you! All levels welcome. Instructor: Bryce


is a 30 minute class that is for all levels of fitness. Using timed segments and your own body weight, this class allows you to push yourself to your own limits. Instructor: Ashley


is designed for all levels and provides stress relief while enhancing your flexibility, strength and balance. Please bring your own mat. Class will be around 75 degree to help you release toxins and get deeper into poses. Instructor: Brian & Sue


is a slower flow with lots of cues and assists to help you begin a yoga practice or deepen your practice. Instructor: Michelle


is an easy to follow, Latin inspired, calorie burning, dance fitness party! Instructor: Brittany & Kendall


is an easy to follow, Latin inspired, calorie burning, dance fitness party! Instructor: Brittany & Kendall


Education/ Credentials: E.D.White in 2010. Bachelor’s degree in Human Performance Education from NSU. While attending college, America College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer. I am pursuing more certifications in areas such as Strength and Conditioning and Sports Nutrition.

About Me: When I am not training clients, I am teaching physical education and health at the local high school. I have 6+ years’ experience coaching basketball. I have also coached middle school volleyball and track. My passion lies in helping athletes train to become the best that they can be.

Coming soon

Education & Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Marketing from LSU, Zumba & Zumba Gold

About Me: I am married to Mike Duplantis, and a mother of two daughters, Madalynn and Morgan. I enjoy spending time with my family watching movies, hanging out by the pool, and having friends over. I have taught at NSU for 3 years and also teach at the Thibodaux Hospital Wellness Center.

Fitness Philosophy: What’s so great about group fitness is that you spend time and make friends with people from all walks of life but you all have something very significant in common: you all are working towards a healthier you.

How do you motivate your participants? I attended my first Zumba class about 6 years ago and was hooked immediately. I love to dance and Zumba gave me that opportunity. In fact, Zumba feels more like a dance party than an “exercise class”. Come join our party; Zumba is truly the “funnest” class on campus.

Education & Credentials: Allied Health Major at NSU, Les Mills BodyJam, Les Mills BodyPump.

About me: I’m a 20 year old mother and college student that loves every minute spent making memories with my three-year-old son. Fitness plays a huge role in my life, and I love to help people enjoy that aspect of their lives as well. I have multiple jobs, so whenever I do have time off I like to spend it with my little boy. Being active gives people an outlet of escape from their everyday lives, and I love to play a role in that “escape”.

Fitness Philosophy: Fitness overall allows people to make themselves better, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. The members of a gym that walk through those doors have already completed a huge step towards making their day/lives better. Just from walking through those doors, they have come to make a difference, and that is huge. Setting goals (even if they’re to add a little weight on the bar or to run an extra mile) is another big step closer to a fitter life; achieving those goals can bring no better feeling of reassurance that you CAN do anything that you set your mind to. So keep setting those goals and make new ones, because fitness is never a destination—it’s a journey!

How do you motivate your participants? I would say to have a successful class, there has to be some kind of comfort. I like to make people feel comfortable because who wants to feel awkward or uneasy while trying to do new things? Yes, it’s something that we should all overcome, but if I can help ease that discomfort— I’m on it!

I also like to make things fun because I personally believe that working out shouldn’t always be serious and boring. Will I challenge you? Yes, most definitely— because what’s a great training without a little test. Les Mills is known world-wide for their amazing taste in music, so members should have NO worries when it comes to that.

Bio coming soon!

Bio coming soon!

Bio coming soon!


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