How to Support a Friend

Most young adults talk to other young adults about their problems. If a friend tells you he or she is being victimized, here are some suggestions on how you can help.

  • Believe the person.
  • Listen.
  • Offer comfort and protection.
  • If you notice a friend is in an abusive relationship, don’t ignore signs of abuse. Talk to your friend. Encourage them to call the Women’s Resource and Services Office at 985.448.4470.
  • Express your concerns. Tell your friend you are worried. Support; don’t judge.
  • Point out your friend’s strengths – many people in abuse relationships are no longer capable of seeing their own abilities and gifts.
  • Encourage them to confide in someone they trust. Talk to a university representative if you believe the situation is getting worse. Offer to go with them for help.
  • Never put yourself in a dangerous situation with the victim’s partner. Don’t be a mediator.
  • Call the police if you witness an assault.