Reparations are for those individuals who have been a victim of violence. The violent act must have included a use of force resulting in personal injury, death or catastrophic property loss and a loss that is not reimbursable from any other source. Visit the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office Web site for more information.

Victim’s Rights
The victim has the right to:

  • Be heard.
  • Be informed of release or escape of stalker.
  • Seek restitution.
  • Be informed of financial assistance, fees or other social services.
  • Receive medical, emergency or social services.
  • A private setting for all meetings.
  • Confer with prosecution.
  • Refuse to be interviewed by accused or accuser’s attorneys.
  • Reasonable prompt conclusion of the case.
  • Review and comment on pre-sentence report prior to sentencing.
  • Return of stolen personal property after being used as evidence.