Political Campaigning at Nicholls Events

Nicholls State University recognizes the rights of individuals and groups granted by the U.S. Constitution for political activity. For home athletic events, the University seeks to balance these rights with its obligation to manage vehicular and pedestrian traffic as well as eliminate or reduce activities that significantly detract from an event. To this extent individuals and companies are prohibited from using this time and space to market a product, service, or for-profit business without the written permission of the Athletic Department. Further, individuals and companies may not sell or provide food, drink, or other items to the general public without the written permission of the Athletic Department.

After consideration of university guidelines for political campaigning, the following revisions have been made. Political fundraising at University-sponsored events is prohibited as such events may jeopardize the tax exempt status under section 115 and 501©3 of the Internal Revenue Tax Code for the University and its affiliate organizations. While the University does not prohibit political speech, political signage may not be displayed on campus per Louisiana Election Code RS 18:1470. In addition, certain political promotional materials may not be distributed, including but not limited to koozies, shirts, hats, etc., out of respect for the university’s corporate partners. Political candidates will be allowed to distribute paper handouts, including flyers, brochures and pamphlets, in the tailgate area of athletic events. Candidates may not hand out any items at entrances where tickets are being checked or inside the stadium/athletic venue because of possible conflicts or interference with others who purchased tickets. The University cannot be perceived as endorsing a political candidate or issue.