Through an artistic lens.

Nicholls photography students learn to create compelling images that express their personal vision. Along their journey, students gain an understanding of photography’s history as an artistic medium, as well as its ongoing impact on contemporary culture.

Our program is set up to ensure that students gain a solid understanding and competence in a wide range of lens-based media, including digital, traditional, and techniques which meld the two together. The curriculum begins with an emphasis on digital photography, building a strong understanding of technical skills in camera work, software, and workflow. At the intermediate level, students learn to utilize a wide variety of film cameras, from 35mm SLR to medium and large formats, and gain a strong foundation in traditional and experimental darkroom techniques, as well as color photography, advanced digital technique, studio and locational lighting, etc. Classroom discussion and activities promote an understanding of critical issues in photography, past and present. Finally, advanced level courses provide for specialized study utilizing whatever processes support the student’s individual artistic vision.

Photography Studio

Darkroom: 216 Talbot; Digital Lab: 204 Talbot

Housed within the Photography Classroom is our digital lab, critique area, and lighting studio. Here, students have the opportunity to work with an exceptional range of professional quality lighting equipment, large format cameras and film scanners, and Macintosh computers. The separate Photography Lab is divided into three darkrooms and a film processing area. Our lab features professional level, large-format enlargers at every work station and large-format, archival print washers. Two small, specialized darkrooms have equipment and work areas set up for alternative/experimental processes.

A wide range of equipment available to students for check-out for off-campus use, including:

  • Film and digital SLRs, experimental cameras, medium and large format cameras
  • Tripods, flashes, and handheld light meters
  • Portable lighting equipment, reflectors, colored gels, and seamless backdrops


Department of Art

Office Location:
Art Office in 221 Talbot Hall
Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 2025
Thibodaux, LA 70310
Phone: 985.448.4597
Fax: 985.448.4596