Department of Biological Sciences

    The Department of Biological Sciences offers  a wide variety of academic options that will prepare you for the workforce or professional school.  You will have opportunities to explore the coastal waterways and swamps of Louisiana in a pirogue (a traditional Louisiana watercraft similar to a canoe) while learning how to use modern scientific equipment to explore the molecular mechanisms of cell biology!  It does not matter what your career aspirations are, you will find a challenging but comfortable home in our department within one of our 11 concentration areas!

In addition to our 11 Bachelor of Science concentrations, we also offer two options to earn an Associates Degree while meeting the requirements to get into Dental Hygiene School or a Clinical Laboratory Science Program.  If your major is not Biology, but you like Biology, consider pursuing a minor in Biology!

The Department of Biological Sciences also offers a Master of Science degree in Marine and Environmental Biology.

Dr. Quenton Fontenot
Head of Biological Sciences


Check out the Department of Biological Sciences’ story and what faculty and students are doing to help preserve Louisiana’s wetlands.


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