Faculty and Staff

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zou_thumb Dr. Enmin Zou
Theodore Shepard Endowed Professor
226 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4711
Email: em.zou@nicholls.edu

Fontenot_thumb_Mackerall Dr. Quenton Fontenot, Head of Biological Sciences
114 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.7062
Email: quenton.fontenot@nicholls.edu
Bonvillain_Cropped Dr. Christopher Bonvillain
Assistant Professor
114 Beauregard Hall
Phone: 985.449.7116
Email: chris.bonvillain@nicholls.edu
raj.boopathy-2014_thumb Dr. Ramaraj Boopathy
Alcee Fortier Distinguished Service Professor
John Brady Sr. & John Brady Jr. Endowed Professor
216 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4716
Email: ramaraj.boopathy@nicholls.edu
Ms. Angie Corbin
Assistant Professor
230 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4714
Email: angela.corbin@nicholls.edu
darnell_cropped Dr. Zack Darnell
Assistant Professor
112 Beauregard Hall
Phone: 985.448.4709
Email: zachary.darnell@nicholls.edu
Dr. John Doucet, Dean of Arts and Sciences
Distinguished Service Professor
111 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4721
Ferrara_cropped Dr. Allyse Ferrara 
Jerry Ledet Endowed Professor
223 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4736
Email: allyse.ferrara@nicholls.edu
Ms. Marla Gomez
218 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.493.2689
Email: marla.gomez@nicholls.edu
Graham_Thumb Dr. Sean Graham
Assistant Professor
156 Beauregard Hall
Phone: 985.448.4312
Email: sean.graham@nicholls.edu
Aimee_MR-17-2_Thumb Dr. Aimee Hollander
Assistant Professor
229 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.493.2515
Email: aimee.hollander@nicholls.edu
Dr. Marilyn Kilgen
Alcee Fortier Professor
Distinguished Service Professor
Professor Emeritus
231 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4701
Email: marilyn.kilgen@nicholls.edu
Jill_thumb Dr. Jill Krzycki
Assistant Professor
225 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4699
Email: jill.krzycki@nicholls.edu
Dr. Gary LaFleur Jr.
Associate Professor
233 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4715
Email: gary.lafleur@nicholls.edu
Ms. Christie Landry
115 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4871
Email: christie.landry@nicholls.edu
Dr. Alex Lasseigne Dr. Alex Lasseigne
Professor Emeritus
159 Beauregard Hall
Phone: 985.448.4709
Email: alex.lasseigne@nicholls.edu
Dr. Earl Melancon
Alcee Fortier Professor
Distinguished Service Professor
Professor Emeritus
115 Beauregard Hall
Phone: 985-448.4689
Email: earl.melancon@nicholls.edu
Dr. Rajkumar Nathaniel
222 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4684
Email: rajkumar.nathaniel@nicholls.edu
Dr. Aaron Pierce
Associate Professor
113 Beauregard Hall
Phone: 985.493.2628
Email: aaron.pierce@nicholls.edu
Dr. Michele Robichaux
Associate Professor
221 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4761
Email: michele.robichaux@nicholls.edu
Dr. David Schultz
Associate Professor
114 Beauregard Hall
Phone: 985.448.4720
Email: dave.schultz@nicholls.edu



Ms. Angelique Nicholas Ms. Angelique Nicholas
Administrative Assistant
114 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4872
Email: angelique.nicholas@nicholls.edu