Colonel CARE

Colonel CARE (Coordinate, Assess, Respond, Educate)

College students often have difficulty adjusting to college life, but in some cases students who are in distress (including but not limited to physical, emotional, situational or psychological) cannot function in their personal lives and/or focus on learning. Colonel CARE’s (Coordinate, Assess, Respond, Educate) purpose is to assist with any situation that could potentially disrupt a student’s academic or social wellbeing within the university community. The team provides early assessment and referral when an individual’s behavior is identified as concerning, risky, or potentially harmful to self, others, or the community. We plan to intervene early and support the student. The team reviews individual cases and coordinates an appropriate action plan for response. An ethic of care and attention to the safety and wellbeing of individuals, the campus, and community guide all recommendations.

Nicholls State University is committed to providing a campus environment that is conducive to students to develop their full potential. In addition, there may be times when the university is required to respond to a person of concern. Through development of the CARE Team, the University has created a mechanism to identify students in distress. This mechanism will initiate support and safety interventions, which will provide the student with the greatest chance of success and the university community the greatest level of protection.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Nicholls State University CARE Team is to provide a program for identification, intervention, and response to person(s) of concern while balancing the needs of the individual with those of the community. The CARE Team identifies students, faculty, and staff whose behavioral patterns have raised concern about their well-being; centralizes communication to gain a more complete understanding of the whole individual; and develops a collaborative outreach plan with campus and community resources to address identified risks. 


The primary duties and responsibilities of the CARE Team include the following tasks:

  • Create a reporting mechanism that allows both the university and the surrounding community to easily and confidentially report behaviors of concern.

  • Facilitate referrals.

  • Develop an integrated case management plan. Monitor and provide a systematic response to situations involving students, faculty, or staff whose behavior or condition may be disruptive or harmful to themselves or others in the University community, or students who pose a direct threat (or create distress) to themselves or others.

  • Educate, consult, and support faculty, staff and administration creating awareness and access to resources for student support