Ms. Sue Benoit

Title: Dyslexia Center Administrative Coordinator
Department: Louisiana Center for Dyslexia and Related Learning Disorders
Office Phone: 985-449-7194
Office Location: 163 Peltier Hall


Associate Degree, Nicholls State University


Professional position or role within the College of Education: Mrs. Sue Benoit is an Administrative Coordinator for the Louisiana Center for Dyslexia and Related Learning Disorders. She is responsible for the following: • Greet candidates and families as they enter the Dyslexia Center • Responsible for retrieving tests from faculty members for candidates with disabilities • Responsible for the Kurzweil computer program which allows candidates to have their books and tests read to them • Takes care of all administrative duties in the Center (answering phone calls, correspondence, mail, etc.) • Responsible in assisting candidates in obtaining note-takers in their classes if required • Assist coordinators with the Creative Scholars Camp • Monitor tests for candidates • Coordinate interviews for new candidates and his/her coordinator


What are some interesting facts about yourself? “I am married to Floyd Benoit, who has worked at the Lafourche Parish School Board for 30 years. We have three children….Brandon (30), Emilie (26) and Bradley (18). Emilie has received her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Nicholls (May 2015). I have been working at NSU for 23 years and have been working a total of 35! I love to read and spend time at my son’s sporting events. He plays 4 sports for E.D. White. I also love the beach!” Complete one of the following statements: “My dream job other than teaching at Nicholls would be…” -OR- “My future career aspirations include…” “I have no plans of retiring any time soon, but would love to work in a hotel.” Answer one of the following questions: If you were to win the lottery, what would you do with the winnings? -OR- If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? “If I could travel anywhere, it would be to a fabulous resort on a beach. Doesn’t matter where!”