Nicholls State University is home to a General Education Program that provides a broad curriculum designed to build a firm foundation for any major and prepare students for enter the workforce with intellectual curiosity, awareness of the broader world, and the ability to think critically.

Current Core Curriculum 2019-20

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
–William Butler Yeats


Mission Statement

In support of the University’s mission to create “comprehensive learning experiences to prepare students for regional and global professions within a spirited campus environment immersed in Bayou Region culture,” the General Education Program at Nicholls State University provides a common integrative learning experience for all undergraduates, regardless of their major or their program of study.  Nicholls is committed to the principle that, while general education prepares students for personal and professional success in the specialized focus of their majors, it also provides a lasting broader foundation for intellectual and personal growth, for critical inquiry and problem-solving, and for ethical and responsible choices. This foundation for life-long learning ensures Nicholls graduates’ continued engagement as creative and productive members of their communities.

Program Objectives

The General Education Program develops and fosters

  • foundational skills in critical thinking, creativity, and communication, including information and technology literacy
  • an understanding of the natural and social worlds in which we live
  • an awareness of the importance of the past and a familiarity with the cultural movements that have shaped the present
  • an appreciation for the artistic and philosophical expressions of the human community
  • the exercise of moral reasoning, ethical choices, and social responsibility
  • intellectual curiosity, independent and life-long learning
  • informed and tolerant perspectives of intercultural and international issues and challenges

Contact Us

  • General Education Program Coordinator: Kaisa Young, kaisa.young@nicholls.edu, 449-7070
  • General Education Assessment Coordinator: Lori Richard, lori.richard@nicholls.edu, 448-4825