Core Competencies

Learning Outcomes and Rubrics for the Nicholls Core Competencies 

These outcomes and rubrics were developed in 2018–20 by multidisciplinary teams of faculty, staff, and students at Nicholls. 

  • Communication 
    • Students will be able to communicate effectively by employing rhetorical principles, relevant research methods, and effective delivery based on audience and genre while demonstrating a firm grasp of the subject matter. 
    • Communication Rubric
  • Critical & Innovative Thinking 
  • Ethical Reasoning 
    • Students will be able to define their knowledge of ethical reasoning and demonstrate the necessary skills to recognize ethical issues in proper context and in a variety of settings.
    • Ethical Reasoning Rubric
  • Information & Technology Literacy
    • Students will be able to locate, evaluate, use, and communicate information and/or technology within a legal and ethical framework based on specific needs.
    • Information & Technology Rubric
  • Quantitative Reasoning

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