Office of Greek Life

The Office of Greek Life provides oversight and guidance to the fraternities and sororities at Nicholls State. We also actively oversee chapter events, serve as a liaison between faculty, advisors, national offices, and parents, develop values-based leadership development programming, monitor the academic performance of fraternity and sorority members, and recognize the positive achievements and contributions of community members.

Order of Omega Application for Membership

Order of Omega Application

Membership in Order of Omega is the highest honor a member of the Greek community can achieve. Applicants must also exemplify exceptional character as well as possess outstanding service and leadership skills. To be eligible for membership in Order of Omega, a student shall meet the following minimum requirements: • One full academic year at Nicholls State University • Junior or Senior (undergraduate) standing. • Minimum GPA of 3.30 • At least one full year of involvement with the Nicholls Greek Community • Be in good standing with the initiate’s fraternal organization.


Order of Omega – Cole LeGrange

Panhellenic – Isabel Soignet

Delta Zeta – Taylor Hodson
Gamma Phi Beta – Morgan Higginbotham
Phi Mu – Brynn Blanchard
Sigma Sigma Sigma – Gracie Bellanger

Interfraternity Council – Jonathan Richard

Kappa Alpha Order – Nichollas Marchive
Kappa Sigma – Garrett Jones
Sigma Alpha Epsilon – Brady Levron
Tau Kappa Epsilon – Kade Chenier

National Pan-Hellenic Council – Kayla Freemon

Alpha Phi Alpha – Kwinci Harris
Omega Psi Phi – Dontrell Taylor
Sigma Gamma Rho – Kayla Freemon

Benefits of Membership


Any organization can offer you a friend, but only Greek life offers you a family.  It’s a home away from home that extends beyond any one organization to include members all around the country.


A primary focus for all fraternities and sororities is helping others. Each year our Greek students give thousands of hours of service to the community and hold fundraisers to make donations to various local and national charities. Every organization has its own national philanthropy, but many have also adopted local ones. In 2018, Nicholls State University’s Fraternity and Sorority Life participated in more than 24,000 service hours and donated over $131,000 to local and national philanthropies.


Each organization is self-governing making each chapter member a vital part of the Greek community. Greek students are also leaders on campus through their involvement with organizations like Orientation Team, SPA, SGA, and many others!


Academic success is one of the most important aspects to Greek students. The fundamental reason for enrolling in a university is to acquire the educational foundation necessary to function effectively as a citizen. The range of academic programs offered by Nicholls State University provides the opportunity for all students to prepare themselves to excel in a variety of professions and industries. The academic progress of all members considered collectively indicates the relative strength and vitality of the organization.  Standards reflect the central importance academic achievement should occupy in the life of each organization at Nicholls State University. Scholastics are promoted through strong support systems within each organization and it shows with the All Greek GPA being substantially higher than the Average Undergraduate GPA.

Fall 2019 Academic Statistics

Female Undergraduate GPA vs Total Sorority GPA
3.044 vs 3.336

Male Undergraduate GPA vs Total Fraternity GPA
2.734 vs. 3.026

Total Undergraduate GPA vs Total Greek GPA
2.934 vs 3.243

Spring 2019 Academic Statistics

Female Undergraduate GPA vs Total Sorority GPA
2.958 vs 3.248

Male Undergraduate GPA vs Total Fraternity GPA
2.772 vs 3.124

Total Undergraduate GPA vs Total Greek GPA
2.893 vs 3.211



Students at Nicholls are expected to be partners in the process of fulfilling the mission of the University by creating and maintaining standards within student groups, team and organizations that are conducive to personal growth and development. If student groups, teams, and organizations are to play an integral part in the University’s plan, they must set standards that challenge each individual to achieve his or her greatest potential. Hazing is the antithesis of this goal, in that it attempts to tear down the feelings of individual pride and self-esteem of the individual, supposedly in order to create some esprit de corps in the group. Furthermore, Nicholls State University adheres to the University of Louisiana System Policy (Effective: 8/23/18), The Louisiana Board of Regents Uniform Policy on Hazing Prevention and upholds all LA statutes related to hazing. Student organizations and/or individual members found to have engaged in hazing shall be in violation of the Nicholls State University Standards of Conduct and Louisiana Statute R.S. 14:40.8.


Nicholls State University strives to create an environment, which promotes and reinforces healthy, responsible living, within the context of its educational mission. To this end, and because of the risks to the health and safety of the individual and community, the University is opposed to the use and abuse of alcohol and any other drug for any purpose other than legitimate use.  The University is committed to upholding all local, state and federal laws concerning use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and will support efforts in the campus community to confront violations of these laws.  All student groups and/or organizations serving or permitting alcoholic beverages at any campus event must use the designated University food service contractor, for cash bar services. Nicholls State University is a tobacco free campus.  The use of e-cigarettes and tobacco product in any form (smoking or chewing) is prohibited.

Alcohol Statement

Nicholls State University Alcohol Policy Statement

Nicholls State University is committed to upholding all local, state and federal laws concerning use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and will support efforts in the campus community to confront violations of these laws. The University is also committed to maintaining a safe, healthful environment that supports its educational mission. The abuse of alcoholic beverages by its students, faculty, staff and their guests interferes with the accomplishment of this mission. More specifically, the abuse of alcohol (1) negatively impacts the life and well-being of citizens; (2) interferes with student learning, student retention, and student graduation; (3) generates a cost to the University through personal injury, crimes, property damage, and risk management; and (4) negatively affects the image of the University.  Because Nicholls State University seeks to create a social environment that enhances learning, the following values with regard to alcohol will be upheld: (1) abstinence, as an option, is always supported and should never be discouraged; (2) although moderate and legal alcohol use may be permitted, the drinking of alcohol is never encouraged; (3) abusive consumption of alcohol is always discouraged; and (4) participation in illegal behaviors involving alcohol is not tolerated


Furthermore, inappropriate behaviors and associated negative consequences of alcohol misuse will not be tolerated. All persons on campus regardless of their status (e.g., students, faculty, staff and guests) must adhere to the Nicholls State alcohol policies herein.


The following principles will guide the University’s policy regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs:

  1. Students, faculty and staff are expected to take full responsibility for their own choices and behavior.
  2. Alcoholic beverages may not be possessed, distributed, served, or consumed on campus by persons under the age of 21.  Proof of age shall be required at the time of purchase, entry in to the event, or at any time of the event, including during consumption by authorized University or law enforcement officials.
  3. Abstinence, as an option, is always supported and should never be discouraged;.
  4. Activities and functions without the consumption of alcohol are to be promoted.
  5. The campus food service contractor is the licensed vendor for alcoholic beverages on campus. The serving and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages will not be allowed at events open to the public.
  6. Heavy consumption of alcohol is discouraged.


All student organizations, groups and/or teams serving or permitting alcoholic beverages at any campus event must (1) use the designated University food service contractor, for cash bar services and (2) use one of the University’s designated sites.


The mission of Nicholls State University extends beyond instruction and requires that the University maintain and improve programs which support and encourage the development of good character and responsible citizenship.

To this end the University expects its students and all members of the University community to respect the rights of others, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Louisiana. These rights include: the right to due process of law, the right to individual dignity, the right to property, the right to privacy, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, the right of assembly and petition, the right to vote, and freedom from discrimination. In respecting the dignity of all persons, the University condemns hate speech, as well as epithets and slurs based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, etc.

The University expects all students to obey all federal, state and local laws, as well as properly constituted University authority, to fulfill contractual obligations, to maintain absolute integrity and a high standard of individual honor in academic work, and to interact and communicate with others in a respectful and civil manner


What is a Greek Organization?

A Greek organization is a group of individuals bonded together by common goals, interests, and friendship. These bonds are created through ritual in which members participate. Rituals are based on common principles such as honor, friendship, truth, and knowledge. Each group works to instill and support these ideals in their members through their everyday activities. It is referred to as a Greek organization because the name consists of Greek letters that serve as a reminder of the values of the original founding members. Fraternity is a name applied to all Greek organizations, but specifically men’s groups, while sorority is the name applied to only women’s organizations.

 What does being Greek really mean?

Membership in a Greek letter organization is a lifetime obligation. Choosing the Greek community means working with a group of men or women who can exchange and stand for common goals and ideas and being held to a higher standard than other college students. The Greek experience during the college years is a gateway to many rewards and connections later in life.

How will joining a Greek Organization help me succeed academically?

All Greek Organizations have a minimum GPA requirement to join and help members to maintain a certain GPA to stay active members. They set aside times each week for members to study and offer a strong support system to tutor other members. Thirty percent of Greek members were on either the Dean’s List or President’s List.

 What are the benefits to being Greek?

  • Academic Success… Our Greek students succeed in the classroom. The overall GPA for men and women in Greek organizations is higher than that of non-Greeks.
  • Leadership…The majority of campus leaders at Nicholls are Greek members.
  • Brotherhood/Sisterhood… This is the greatest thing that a Greek organization can give you: a home away from home and a ton of brothers or sisters.
  • The Experience of a Lifetime… Being a member of a Greek Organization is an experience like no other and it doesn’t end at graduation.

Does it cost a lot to be Greek?

Joining a fraternity or sorority does carry a financial commitment as each chapter is self-supported through dues paid by their members. When students join a Greek letter organization, they also agree to pay dues and fees while in school to maintain membership. Although chapters may make accommodations for special needs, students should consider the financial obligation before deciding to join.

What is the time commitment involved in belonging to a Greek organization?

There is no minimum or maximum time that a student must donate to the fraternity or sorority. Through involvement with the chapter, students will learn to better manage their time, balancing academics, work and other commitments. Greeks find that being active in a fraternity or sorority is well worth the time they put into it.

What kinds of Community Service Projects do Greeks participate in?

Each year our Greek students give thousands of hours of service to the community. Each group supports a philanthropy through their national organization and participates in local projects. Some groups have bake-sales and fund-raisers so they can donate the proceeds to charity while some groups help Habitat for Humanity build houses. They read to children at the local elementary schools, raise money through Songfest for charity, and hold pet adoption drives for Hope For Animals.

Are Greek students involved in other organizations on campus?

Absolutely. They are leaders on campus and involved in a multitude of other clubs and organizations. Greeks are well-rounded, diverse individuals and Nicholls has enough student organizations to make a match with every student. They are leaders on campus and in the community with representation on athletic teams, SGA, SPA, academic clubs, honor societies and the homecoming court.


Through effective management, leadership and educational and social programming, the Office of Greek Life provides for the needs of the current and prospective Fraternity and Sorority membership.


A positive and meaningful experience for every Fraternity and Sorority member.


Academics – We acknowledge the importance of education and we will promote the development of academic excellence at Nicholls State University.

Diversity – We recognize that our strength lies within our diversity and we will respect and promote the contributions of all Fraternity and Sorority members in the Nicholls State University community.

Fun – We recognize and encourage the spirit of our fraternal organizations.

Innovation – We believe our innovation and proactive thinking will allow for the continual improvement and development of our fraternal organizations.

People – We believe our strength lies within people and we will encourage and ensure an atmosphere of respect and understanding.

Personal Development – We value the leadership potential of everyone in the Nicholls State University community and we will provide meaningful opportunities for personal growth that add to the overall enhancement of fraternal life.

Student Focus – As a student centered department we value the importance of our students’ role in their development, whereby we will understand and recognize our students fraternal needs in a sound, professional and accountable manner while challenging them to push beyond their personal limits.


  • To provide opportunities for students to forge strong bonds of friendship and lifetime commitments to shared values and interests
  • To encourage excellence in academic pursuits and leadership development among Greeks
  • To provide experiences and opportunities for character development
  • To promote philanthropy and community service by all Greek chapters
  • To encourage Greek advocacy on issues and concerns that affect the broader student community
  • To collaborate with Greek advisors and alumni in accomplishing individual Greek chapter and Council goals


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