Nicholls State University




Any organization can offer you a friend, but only Greek life offers you a family.  It’s a home away from home that extends beyond any one organization to include members all around the country.


A primary focus for all fraternities and sororities is helping others. Each year our Greek students give thousands of hours of service to the community and hold fundraisers to make donations to various local and national charities. Every organization has its own national philanthropy, but many have also adopted local ones. In 2019, Nicholls State University’s Fraternity and Sorority Life participated in more than 24,000 service hours and donated over $141,000 to local and national philanthropies.


Each organization is self-governing making each chapter member a vital part of the Greek community. Greek students are also leaders on campus through their involvement with organizations like Orientation Team, SPA, SGA, and many others!


Academic success is one of the most important aspects to Greek students. The fundamental reason for enrolling in a university is to acquire the educational foundation necessary to function effectively as a citizen. The range of academic programs offered by Nicholls State University provides the opportunity for all students to prepare themselves to excel in a variety of professions and industries. The academic progress of all members considered collectively indicates the relative strength and vitality of the organization.  Standards reflect the central importance academic achievement should occupy in the life of each organization at Nicholls State University. Scholastics are promoted through strong support systems within each organization and it shows with the All Greek GPA being substantially higher than the Average Undergraduate GPA.

Fall 2021 Academic Statistics

Female Undergraduate GPA vs Total Sorority GPA
3.114 vs 3.391

Male Undergraduate GPA vs Total Fraternity GPA
2.769 vs 3.017

Total Undergraduate GPA vs Total Greek GPA
2.990 vs 3.271