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Important Fall 2023 PHA Sorority Recruitment Dates

Date & Event


Friday, March 31st

The recruitment registration link is open for those interested in sorority recruitment. The registration fee is $25. Sign up early to ensure we have all your information, especially if you plan to live on campus in the Fall!

June & July

Orientation Sessions

Greek Life will have a table at Summer Orientation where you can learn more about registering and ask questions about CPC sororities and recruitment.

Sunday, August 6th

The recruitment registration link closes.

Monday, August 14 – Greek 101 Session

This session will allow you to meet your Recruitment Counselors and other people in your PNM group and ask questions about the PHA membership experience. You do not have to be signed up for recruitment to attend! We encourage anyone who may still be on the fence to attend this session so they can learn more and potentially sign up.

Tuesday, August 15 – Philanthropy Round


PNMs will meet all four chapters and learn more about the chapter’s philanthropic and service efforts and other values of the organization.

Wednesday, August 16 –Sisterhood Round

PNMs will be invited back to no more than three chapters and learn more about the core value of sisterhood and what it looks like to be a member of a PHA sorority at Nicholls.


Thursday, August 17  2 – Preference Round

PNMs will be invited back to no more than two chapters to learn more about the chapter’s ritual and what it means to commit to joining a PHA organization.

Friday, August 18 – Bid Day

PNMs will be invited to join one chapter and will have the opportunity to sign their bid card to join a PHA organization at Nicholls State University! 


Fall 2023 Formal Recruitment information.

Women’s Panhellenic Recruitment is the process through which potential new members consider sororities and sororities choose new sisters. The Primary Recruitment period is comprised of multiple rounds where potential new members visit each of the chapters on Nicholls’ campus. Through a process of mutual selection, students narrow their choices until they select a sorority following the last round. Women’s recruitment typically starts at the week before classes start in the fall semester.

To be eligible to participate in Panhellenic’s Formal Recruitment process, a woman must be a regularly enrolled, full-time undergraduate student who is in good standing with Nicholls State University and has a 2.70 or better cumulative GPA. Women who choose to participate in the Recruitment process must pay a registration fee prior to the beginning of Recruitment. This fee covers reservations and use of venues, administrative materials, and technology fees.


Fall 2023 Formal Recruitment information

Nicholls Greek Life offers many intriguing opportunities for young men–a social setting for men to create life-long bonds, a place to acquire and hone leadership skills, an outlet for the desire to serve the community, and a group that will provide the support necessary to succeed in all areas of life. As proof, many young men connect with their fraternity’s alumni for career guidance and even employment opportunities. 

The IFC conducts a formal recruitment period when students return to campus in August. During formal recruitment, IFC will organize various activities to allow potential members to get to know the fraternity brothers and understand what is involved in being an active member. At the conclusion of recruitment, fraternities will extend bids (an invitation to join).

We invite you to check out our chapters, even if you are not sure you are interested in Greek life. Many current fraternity men entered the recruitment period with no idea what they wanted, and many of them will tell you that joining a fraternity was one of the most important and rewarding choices they have made at Nicholls. 

One misconception about IFC Recruitment is that it only occurs during the month of August. In fact, many of our chapters recruit upperclassmen during the spring semester as well. If you are interested in becoming Greek yourself, do not limit yourself to getting to know Greeks in August alone. We encourage prospective members who are sophomores, juniors and seniors to consider membership opportunities during the spring semester.

If you know members in an IFC organization you are interested in, you can contact one of their members about more information regarding the chapter’s recruitment during the fall semester. 


The National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations, Inc., (NALFO) is an “umbrella” coalition established in 1998 to promote and foster positive inter-fraternal relations, communication, and development of all Latino fraternal organizations through mutual respect, leadership, honesty, professionalism and education. Today, NALFO’s 16 fraternities and sororities are bound by a shared commitment to fraternal unity, family values and empowering Latino and under-served communities. Much like organizations that are a part of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), organizations that are a part of the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO) are unique in their membership requirements and processes. Rather than hosting a formal membership registration for all of the fraternities and sororities, each NALFO organization has an individual membership application and intake process prescribed by their national headquarters.

Each NALFO organization was founded on their own individualized set of values and principles, and we encourage interested students to do independent research on the collegiate chapters here at Nicholls. Each chapter’s social media account and campus involvement/programming (as well as a visit to each organization’s national website) will give you all of the information that you could need to know if the organization is a good fit for you.


The organizations that fall under the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) are unique in their membership requirements and processes. Rather than hosting a formal membership registration for all of the fraternities and sororities, each NPHC organization has an individual membership application and intake process prescribed by their national headquarters. Students cannot join NPHC organizations until they are of sophomore status (30 hours). Furthermore, the scheduling of membership can differ for each group. Based on the preferences of the chapter members, an organization can choose to have intake during the Fall, Spring, or both.

Since each NPHC organization was founded on different principles, it is beneficial to research and differentiate the fraternities and sororities. Most NPHC groups have websites that offer information about the collegiate chapter and the organization on a national level. Another way to learn about the different organizations and their members is to attend programs held around campus.

For further on membership requirements please contact the individual chapters.

National Pan-Hellenic Council Intake Requirements
Office of Greek Life, Nicholls State University:

  1. Fraternity/Sorority must be recognized by the University. Recognition is the formal process by which Nicholls permits a fraternity or sorority to function on campus, conduct membership/intake activities, and be considered part of the university.  For a fraternal organization to obtain recognition through the Office of Greek Life, it must:
    • Operate under a constitution and bylaws that have been approved by Nicholls State Office of Greek Life.
    • Demonstrate sound financial standing.
    • Be affiliated/active with a national fraternity or sorority.  Note: the National Pan-Hellenic Council will only consider requests for recognition by NPHC-affiliated organizations.
    • The requesting organization must be in compliance with the rules and regulations established by the national affiliate.
    • Present an initial membership list of at least three (10) currently registered, degree-seeking students who are not on academic or disciplinary probation. 
    • Identify a person, who is not an undergraduate, to serve as the faculty advisor.
    • Be affiliated with a local graduate chapter who will oversee and accept responsibility for the chapter.
  1. Fraternity/Sorority must be in good standing with Nicholls State.
  2. Provide name and contact information for chapter advisor, on-campus advisor (if applicable), and current membership.
  3. Provide a letter from the Chapter Advisor on official letterhead approving the intake process and approving the schedule of events and activities being planned for intake.
  4. Provide a list of students undergoing intake process including their contact information. 

The above requirements must be met and documentation submitted to the Office of Greek Life, prior to beginning any form of intake. Failure to meet these requirements may result in sanctions and/or judicial action.