The Department of Languages and Literature is proud to announce the course offerings for the Summer 2013 semester. As you will see, the summer sessions (full term, mini term A and B) have just as many interesting course offerings as the fall and spring semesters; not to mention, many of the classes are offered online! So if you need to catch up on some class requirements, want to get ahead in your degree program, or simply want to take a fun elective, please consider a summer session course…or two!

The Department of Languages and Literature
SUMMER 2013 course offerings

Mini Term A (June only)

ENGL 101: Composition I—Portier or Spencer
ENGL 102: Composition II—Portier or Robertson
ENGL 210: Themes:  Literature of India—Barker
ENGL 255: Short Stories and Novels—Spencer
ENGL 256: Poetry and Drama—Robertson
ENGL 266: Creative Non-Fiction—Tracy
ENGL 310: Business Communications—Sirois (2 sections)
ENGL 315: British Literature I—Banville
ENGL 321: American Literature I—Duet
ENGL 325: Major Authors: Edgar Allan Poe—Theriot
ENGL 366: Advanced Composition—Barker
ENGL 368: Technical Writing—Duet or Walton
ENGL 468: Technical Writing for the Sciences—Banville
ENGL 475: Topic: The Short Story—Conner
ENGL 507: Literature of India—Barker
SPAN 101: Beginning Spanish I—Smith
SPAN 102: Beginning Spanish II—Smith

Mini Term B (July only)

ENGL 101: Composition I—Stanga or White
ENGL 102: Composition II—Tuman or Conner
ENGL 210: Themes: Seven Deadly Sins—Stanga
ENGL 212: Literature for Teachers/Children’s Lit.—Stacom
ENGL 220: Intro to English Studies—Barker
ENGL 255: Short Stories and Novels—Stacom
ENGL 256: Poetry and Drama—Robertson
ENGL 316: British Literature II—Mainieri
ENGL 366: Advanced Composition—Mainieri
ENGL 368: Technical Writing—Kennedy
ENGL 463: Studies in the Novel—Tuman
FREN 101: Beginning French I—Durocher
FREN 102: Beginning French II—Durocher
FREN 3xx: TBA upper-level French elective
SPAN 101: Beginning Spanish I—Vitale
SPAN 102: Beginning Spanish II—Roques

Full Term (June and July)

ENGL 100 and ENGL 100L: Composition—Charpentier
ENGL 102: Composition II—Landry or Cheramie
ENGL 240: Intro to Film Studies—Bernard
ENGL 255: Short Stories and Novels—Leblanc
ENGL 256: Poetry and Drama—Schmidt
ENGL 307: Shakespeare’s Sonnets—Perkins
ENGL 310: Business Communications—Bernard
ENGL 322: American Literature II—Laplante
ENGL 368: Technical Writing–Laplante

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