Undergraduate Literature Course Offerings

Be sure to check out the Language and Literature’s course offerings in the 200 level literature courses.  We are constantly striving to introduce students to literature which is of interest to a broad spectrum of the student body.  Each semester, instructors are invited to submit a topic or theme which they would like to teach about during the following semester.  Topics / themes in the not-too-distant past have included Irish, Gothic, Fairy Tales, Seven Deadly Sins, The Bible as Literature, Women of the Bible, and Prison Literature to name just a few.  Come take a look inside and be prepared to be entranced by our newest additions. Feedback is welcomed – what do you wish to read about? A particular theme you are drawn to, or a past theme which you would like to see again – WE WISH TO HEAR FROM YOU! Email: kenna.coyle@nicholls.edu or 985-448-4453 (telephone)

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