Student Awards for 2019-2020

Congratulations to our award winning students.

Today, the Department English, Modern Languages, & Cultural Studies announces its award for the 2019-20 academic year.

  • Kaden Vanderbrook–the Katherine ‘Kat’ Tracy Award, Outstanding Graduate in Creative Writing
      • Kaden is not only a talented young writer but also an engaging student, motivating his peers to participate actively in discussions on writing. As the assistant editor of Mosaic, the student literary magazine, he also worked tirelessly on the 2020 issue, and his dedication is truly inspiring.
  • Collin Brazan–Outstanding Graduate in Literary Studies
      • Collin is an eager and curious student who is both diligent and dedicated. He has demonstrated an amazing ability to draw connections across disciplines and cultures through his effective writing and insightful analysis.AY 2019-2020 Student Awards
  • Caleb Moll–Outstanding Graduate in Writing & Rhetoric
      • Dr. Erick Piller, Assistant Professor of English, comments,“In his semester in my advanced undergraduate class, Caleb Moll demonstrated not only a clear understanding of difficult ideas, but an ability to synthesize those ideas into his worldview, relate them to his experiences, and apply them in everyday life. He also showcased, again and again, his excellence as a writer and thoughtfulness as an evaluator of his classmates’ work.”
  • Sarah Oubre–Outstanding Achievement in French
      • Sarah Oubre is an excellent student. Nicholls is so lucky to have students who come from French-speaking families, and as such, Sarah is one of these. She is curious and interested in learning more French and keeping French alive in the region.Five words that describe Sarah: 1. Reliable, 2. Smart, 3.Organized, 4. Kind, 5. Fun. Dr. Robin White, Associate Professor of French, notes, “Any professor would be grateful for a student as good as Sarah, but it’s particularly gratifying for a French professor who wants to see French thrive among Louisiana heritage speakers. AY 2019-2020 Student Awards
  • Megan Henshaw–Outstanding Achievement in Spanish
      • Megan Henshaw is a motivated and dedicated student who has taken every opportunity to learn Spanish. She was essential in reviving the Nicholls Spanish Club and served as its president. Dr. Bryant Smith, Associate Professor of Spanish, remarks, “ I am confident she will continue studying Spanish and traveling to Spanish-speaking countries after she leaves Nicholls. For her commendable efforts in and out of the classroom, Megan Henshaw is the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Spanish Award.”


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