The Bachelor of Arts in English curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, writing, and analytical skills through its advanced grammar, British, American, and World literature, and humanities course requirements. The program is designed to provide students with flexibility in selecting electives that correspond to their career aspirations.

English students have the option of concentrating in Creative Writing (ENCW), Literary Studies (ENLS), or Writing and Rhetoric (ENWR).

Creative Writing Concentration (ENCW) – 18 hours required

The ENCW major is designed for students who want to discover and develop their creative writings. Courses focus on fiction writing and poetic styles while helping students prepare their work for publication.

ENGL 266 (3) ENGL 311 (3) ENGL 430 (The Writer’s Workshop (3)
ENGL 265 (3) (Introduction to Creative Writing) ENGL 312 (3) ENGL 361, 463, or an additional 3 hrs. of ENGL 430 (The Writer’s Workshop) (3)

Literary Studies Concentration (ENLS) – 18 hours required.

The ENLS is the “classic” English major. Courses are offered in American, British, and World literature. Students must take at least one course from each of the following four columns. At least 12 of the 18 hours must be at the 300-level or above. ENGL 315, 316, 321, and 322 are required courses for all English majors and do not count toward the Literary Studies Concentration.

ENGL 307 (3) ENGL 455 (3) ENGL 361 (3) ENGL 255 (3)
ENGL  451 (3) ENGL  460 (3) ENGL 363 (3) ENGL 256 (3)
ENGL 482 (3) ENGL  471 (3) ENGL 332 (3)
ENGL 361 (3)
ENGL 463 (3)

Writing and Rhetoric  Concentration (ENWR) – 18 hours required.

The ENWR major (previously the Technical Writing concentration) helps students prepare for the fastest growing sector of English studies–Rhetoric and Composition studies. Courses are offered in the History of Rhetoric, Current Trends in Rhetoric and Composition, and the Teaching of Writing. These courses provides students with workforce training and prepares them for graduate study in English.

ENGL 365 (3) ENGL  266 (3)
ENGL 497 (3) ENGL 496 (3)
ENGL 465 (3)
ENGL 467 (3)


English minor

Creative Writing Minor