MACO Department aims to build convergence media center with help from “Give-N-Day” campaign


The MACO Department is aiming higher with this year’s annual “Give-N-Day” campaign with the goal of bringing campus media home and creating one of the best
convergence media centers around.

The Department has been working for the past several years on creating a convergence media center in Talbot Hall, which would bring all student media into
the building for the first time. This will allow students from all platforms to work more collaboratively and in an environment like they will find in the professional world.

It will help them produce improved content across those platforms (KNSU-TV, KNSU-FM, The Nicholls Worth and La Pirogue), thereby better serving their
audiences. They will also be able to do so with improved cost effectiveness. As you can see from the attached artist’s rendering, this is going to be an impressive facility.

Most of the parts to make it happen are already in place. The University has approved the move, the space has been cleared and there is some University funding

What we need now are matching monies from off-campus donors. This is where you come in. Thanks to the generous contributions of donors last year, the Department raised $4,400. We thought this was excellent for the first time out. But, this year we want to do better. Nicholls has issued a little more than 850 MACO degrees. But many more students studied MACO here and/or served on one of the student media outlets.

If everyone of those students sent in at least $50, think how much money we could raise toward this project, which we hope to complete by August. Please give and urge your fellow Nicholls-media friends to do likewise so that Nicholls can continue to be a leader in mass media education and student media
production. Give-N-Day is March 19, and our address is as part of the overall campaign.

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