Our goal is to serve the needs of students in the most confidential and courteous manner possible through admission, advising, orientation to electronic learning, registration, and tuition/payment processes.

Nicholls Online offers courses during five, 8-week terms a year that begin in January, March, June, August and October.  Nicholls Online students are allowed to schedule a maximum of 9 hours per term, 18 hours per semester.  

Course offerings during the current and upcoming semesters can be viewed on the Schedule of Classes link in the menu above. 

Step 1: Communicate with an Advisor concerning your degree plan. Refer to Academic Programs and Contact Information listed below.

Step 2: Review the Nicholls Online Calendar page for dates of when classes begin/end and for financial payment information.

Step 3: Review the Courses available from the “Schedule of Classes” link in the menu above. Consider dates for these courses when planning your schedule. Make note of the specific courses and CRN (computer registration number). You will need this number when you register.

Step 4: Determine which courses you need based on your degree plan and discussion with advisor. Remember, Nicholls Online students are only allowed to register for 9 hours per term.

Step 5: Click on Banner Self Service to register for your courses.

*After the 3rd day of classes at the start of a semester, Nicholls’ students cannot register/drop/add classes through Banner.  You will need to email with the courses you want to add.  This is especially important to remember for Term B courses.  Include the course CRN and your N#.  And remember to use your Nicholls email address when contacting the university.


Login to Banner Self Service

  • Click Enter Secure Area.
  • Enter your User ID: (social security number  or your Nicholls Banner ID (N number)
  • Enter your PIN:
  • Click Login. This will take you to the Main Menu. Notice your Banner ID number to right of your computer screen. You are encouraged to remember this number and use it for future logins.
  • Main Menu, Select the Student tab.
  • Click Registration.
  • Select Term
  • Select Add or Drop Classes
  • At the Registration Notice screen, if you are ready to register, select Registration.  You should have consulted with your academic advisor about your proposed schedule and have documented which courses and CRNs you plan to register.
  • Follow the instructions that appear.
  • If you are having difficulty scheduling classes,  please contact the Nicholls Online office via e-mail at or by calling 855.642.6654. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Note that registration is according to classification. Please refer to the active semester registration information schedules provided (Graduate, SR, JR, SO, FR).

STUDENTS WILL BE INDEBTED TO THE UNIVERSITY IMMEDIATELY UPON REGISTRATION UNLESS STUDENTS “UNREGISTER” (DROP) ALL CLASSES AT LEAST 15 MINUTES  PRIOR TO THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON THE LAST BUSINESS DAY BEFORE CLASSES BEGIN FOR NICHOLLS ONLINE TERM A.  To release him/herself from this indebtedness, a student must “unregister” (drop all of their classes) prior to the close of Regular Registration for that term. Regular Registration ends 15 minutes prior to the close of business on the last business day before classes begin. Refunds for credit adjustments after this time and date can be located at Tuition and Fees.

Please refer to the “Statement of Financial Obligation” page for information regarding the financial responsibility of students upon registration.

Students should contact their academic advisor to review their proposed course schedule before registering for any classes. Our academic programs are listed below by major with the appropriate e-mail address for advisement. If you need further assistance, please contact the Nicholls Online office at or (855) 642-6654. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Academic Programs and Contact Information
Associate Degrees
Petroleum Services

e-mail:, telephone: 985.448.4739
Safety Technology

e-mail:, telephone: 985.448.4739
Certificate Program
Post Baccalaureate Certification in Business Administration

e-mail:, telephone: (985) 448-4245
Bachelor Degrees
Business Administration

e-mail:, telephone: (985) 448-4245
English, Literary Studies Concentration


Health Science



Interdisciplinary Studies

Political Science



Master’s Degrees
Curriculum & Instruction: Early Childhood Education