Our goal is to serve the needs of students in the most confidential and courteous manner possible through admission, advising, orientation to electronic learning, registration, and tuition/payment processes.

Nicholls Online offers courses during five, 8-week terms a year that begin in January, March, June, August and October.  Nicholls Online students are allowed to schedule a maximum of 9 hours per term, 18 hours per semester.  

Course offerings during the current and upcoming semesters can be viewed on the Schedule of Classes link in the menu above. 

Step 1: Communicate with your Advisor concerning your degree plan. Refer to Academic Programs and Contact Information listed below.

Step 2: Review the Nicholls Online Calendar page for dates of when classes begin/end and for financial payment information.

Step 3: Review the Courses available from the “Schedule of Classes” link in the menu above. Consider dates for these courses when planning your schedule. Make note of the specific courses and CRN (computer registration number). You will need this number when you register.

Step 4: Determine which courses you need based on your degree plan and discussion with your advisor. Remember, Nicholls Online students are only allowed to register for 9 hours per term.

Step 5: Click on MyNicholls to register for your courses. 

Here are the steps to log into MyNicholls


*After the 3rd day of classes at the start of a semester, Nicholls’ students cannot register/drop/add classes through MyNicholls.  You will need to email with the courses you want to add.  This is especially important to remember for Term B courses.  Include the course CRN and your N# in your email.  And remember to use your Nicholls email address when contacting the university.

Login to MyNicholls

Click Student Registration tile. 

Once in the Registration application:

  • Click on the Prepare For Registration link to ensure you’re ready to register. Select the term to register. Once there, you can check your registration status and see any holds that prevent registration.
  • Click on Registration.
  • Click on Register for Classes to search and register for classes. You will also be able to manage your schedule.

Navigating Action Item Processing

You will have to accept the Financial Responsibility Obligation Agreement (FROA) for each new registration cycle through Action Item Processing. Clicking the Register for Classes link will open Action Item Processing automatically when you have pending action items.

  • Once the Action Item box opens, click CONTINUE on the Action Item Processing box.
  • Click on the appropriate Action Item still showing as Pending, and follow the applicable directions. (For FROA, once the information has been reviewed, check the “I accept the terms of this agreement.” box, and click Save.)
  • Only once all Action Items have been processed and changed to Completed will you be able to continue and register for courses.

Step 1: On the Registration homepage, select Register for Classes.

Step 2:  From the dropdown menu, select the intended term for registration and click continue.

Step 3 : To add a course to your schedule, click the Add button.

Enter CRNs

To add a class using the CRN (Course Reference Number), enter the CRN to register.  The Nicholls Online CRNs are found on our Schedule of Classes page outside of MyNicholls. Go there first to find your courses and CRNs. 

    • Plans
      • If you have already built a Registration Plan using the Plan Ahead feature, you will see and be able to Edit your previously created plans.
      • You have the option to either Add All courses at once or Add courses individually from a plan.

View your added courses in the Summary section. You must click the Submit button to register for your added courses.

Registration error checking will occur at the time of registration. Error messages such as time conflict or section closed may appear in the top right-hand corner of your screen. To clear the messages, click submit. Questions related to registration errors may be addressed at the department or dean’s level for the course. Refer to the Department Telephone Directory for Registration Assistance.

Check Conditional Add and Drop when you want to drop a course from your schedule only on the “condition” that you are able to add a new course to your schedule without error.

Dropping a Class

  1. If you need to remove a class before the end of the drop/add period, navigate to the Summary section on the bottom right.
  2. Under the Action column, click the dropdown menu on the course you wish to remove and select Web Drop/Delete.
  3. Click the Submit button to finalize the schedule adjustment. The course(s) will be removed from your schedule.

Students should contact their academic advisor to review their proposed course schedule before registering for any classes. Our academic programs are listed below by major with the appropriate e-mail address for advisement. If you need further assistance, please contact the Nicholls Online office at or (855) 642-6654. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Academic Programs and Contact Information
Associate Degrees
Petroleum Services

e-mail:, telephone: 985.448.4739
Safety Technology

e-mail:, telephone: 985.448.4739
Certificate Program
Post Baccalaureate Certification in Business Administration

e-mail:, telephone: (985) 448-4245
Bachelor Degrees
Business Administration

e-mail:, telephone: (985) 448-4245
English, Literary Studies Concentration


Health Science



Interdisciplinary Studies

Political Science



Master’s Degrees
Curriculum & Instruction: Early Childhood Education