The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) at Nicholls State University promotes and facilitates research and scholarly activities by assisting faculty and administrative staff in locating and securing external funding and moreover encourages the inclusion of undergraduate and graduate students in grant projects.


ORSP provides a central source of information on major governmental agencies, foundations and corporations that support research as well as pedagogical and creative activities. ORSP provides assistance with the conceptual development and planning of proposals. More specifically, the office assists in identifying potential extramural funding sources, developing proposal budgets and narratives, completing standardized application forms, assuring compliance with applicable federal and state regulations and negotiating grant awards and contracts. If you have questions about grants or the information on this Web site, please contact one of our staff members. Debi Benoit Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs


Research like education, is central to the University’s mission. Similar to our extraordinary effort to move classes online, we are taking dramatic steps to respond to this public health crisis (COVID-19) while continuing our research mission.  The “Guidance for Active Research Efforts” document details all aspects of research from submission of proposals to the implementation of the work.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is very pleased to announce the 2020-2021 Louisiana Board of Regents Grant Awards results.

CONGRATULATIONS TODr. Rajesh Komati (Chemistry and Physical Sciences), Leah Peterson (Teacher Education), Dr. Aimee Hollander (Teacher Education) and Dr. En Mao (Business Administration and Computer Information Systems).

Dr. Komati was awarded $20,000 for his RCS project, “Development of Ligand-Free, Open-Air (II) Catalyzed C-N, C-O and C-S Bond Formation Reactions.”

Ms. Peterson was awarded $30,000 for her Targeted Enhancement project, “Continuous Improvement Efforts for the Bayou Region’s Future Teachers.”

Dr. Hollander was awarded $69,056 for her Multidisciplinary Enhancement project, “Modeling the Molecular World for Student Success in Biology and Chemistry through Applied Instruction.”

Dr. Mao was awarded $137,805 for her Targeted Enhancement project, “Creating a High-Impact Learning Environment for Teamwork and Collaboration.”

New BoR RFPs are available at Regents Web site

View available eligible disciplines and RFP Release Memo FY21

To view the 2020-21 Louisiana Board of Regents proposals submitted by Nicholls’ faculty and staff, click here: Board of Regents Submissions 2020-2021.

Dr. Matthew Marlow, Assistant Professor in Physical Sciences, is the Institutional Coordinator for LaSPACE.  For assistance with LaSPACE proposals contact Dr. Marlow at ext. 4576.

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Student Technology Fee Proposals for 2021-2022 are due by 2:00 P.M. on Friday, October 5, 2021. Click here, to view the Guide Sheet to Utilizing the Technology Fee and Explanation of Scoring for 21-22. Click here for a sample of the Routing Memo for Proposals.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is pleased to announce the 2022 Top Ten Grants Winner Awards, based on funding received in 2021. Pictured below are from left: Dr. Andrew Simoncelli, Director of Distance Education, and Associate Professor of Mass Communication; Ms. Gina Bergeron, Regional Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Supervisor for the Family Service Center; Dr. Jonathan Willis, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences; Dr. Balaji Ramachandran, Associate Professor Geomatics; Dr. Gary LaFleur, Professor of Biological Sciences; Dr. En Mao, Professor of Computer Information Systems; Dr. Quenton Fontenot, Head and Professor of Biological Sciences; Adrienne Bolton, Director of Student Wellness and Support Services; Jonathan Terrell, Athletic Director; and Dr. Aimee Hollander, Director of the Center of Teaching Excellence, and Assistant Professor of Teacher Education.  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!