SAM Advisor Certification

Nicholls State University recognizes the efforts of faculty and staff to strengthen their capacity for effective advising by attending workshops and professional development.

In recognition of these efforts, we offer SAM Certified Advisor awards annually to all faculty and staff who qualify.

In order to earn a SAM Certified Advisor Award, a faculty or staff member must attend a minimum of four(4) workshops.

Attendance at four workshops will earn a participant SAM Certified Advisor status.  Participants may move up through two other levels of achievement.  Once attendance at six(6) workshops is recorded, a participant will earn SAM Distinguished Advisor status.  A participant will earn SAM Expert Advisor status once attendance at eight(8) workshops is recorded.

To maintain SAM Expert Advisor status, a participant must attend at least two(2) SAM workshops each academic year.

Faculty can request information on their certification status by contacting the QEP Director at or by calling extension 4113.

Our current SAM Advisor Certification totals are:

SAM Certified Advisors: 93

SAM Distinguished Advisors: 79

SAM Expert Advisors: 76

Total SAM Certified: 248