SAM Workshops

Faculty and staff may earn SAM Advisor Certification by completing a minimum of 4 SAM workshops.  Please see our Advisor Certification page for more information on earning the different levels of SAM Advisor Certification.

For a listing of this semester’s SAM Workshops, please see below.  Unless otherwise noted, all workshops will be offered in-person.  Confirmation emails will be sent upon submission of workshop registration forms.

Fall 2022 SAM Workshops

Encanto: Generational Trauma and the First-Generation Student

When: Wednesday, September 21st at 2:00 pm

Where: Ridley Gros Auditorium (Powell Hall)

Description: This presentation will explore the themes of generational trauma as seen in the movie Encanto. Throughout the presentation participants will be able to identify the characters role in their family dynamics and how the generational trauma impacted them. Finally, participants will learn how they can apply this in working with first-generation college students.  Presented by Ms. Krystyn Dupre from the University Counseling Center.

An Advising Toolbox for Students: The Moodle Repository of Forms and Tutorials

When: TBA

Where: TBA

Description: Ashley Busby and Tricia Rabalais created the Art Department Life RAFT (Repository of Art Forms and Tutorials) on Moodle.  The site has all department majors enrolled and provides information on a range of topics from how to pay tuition and fees to exhibition call for entries, and beyond.  Join us as we learn how to create this resource that will help your students as they work towards graduation.

Fall 2022 SAM Workshops (asynchronous)

A set of SAM workshops will be available to faculty and staff in an online, asynchronous format for fall 2022.  The workshops are housed on the SAM Moodle page and are open to all faculty and staff.  The workshops will be completed online at the pace of the participant and will include videos and open questions.  Participants will earn credit toward SAM Advisor Certification once all workshop requirements are met by the closing date.  Please check the SAM Moodle page for a listing and information on the spring 2022 asynchronous workshops.