GradesFirst For Advisors

GradesFirst is an online system for advising management and record keeping.  It is especially important for virtual advising, and allows faculty to handle appointment scheduling and appointment records.

Faculty wanting to learn how to use GradesFirst are welcome to join one of the introductory sessions on the dates and times listed below or access the recorded videos linked  below.

To access the GradesFirst sessions, please register using the links below.

GradesFirst Log In: GradesFirst log in is included on our MyNicholls single sign on page.  To log in to GradesFirst please log in to your MyNicholls page and GradesFirst will appear as one of the programs on the menu.  If you have issues logging into GradesFirst, please contact

For assistance with GradesFirst please contact Dr. Amy Hebert at extension 4113 or


GradesFirst Instructional Documents:

Please reference the documents posted below for helpful instructions.

Advisor Report Instructions

Enter a progress report

Appointment Campaign Instructions

Attendance Tracking

Edit Appointment Constraints

Integrate Google and GradesFirst Calendars

Notes Instructions


GradesFirst YouTube Playlist

To access our Nicholls GradesFirst playlist, please click here.

Some of our videos are posted below for your reference.


Advisor and Professor Home Page Tour:

Please reference the video below for a brief navigation of both the Advisor and Professor home pages.

Issue a Progress Report:

Please reference the video below for instructions on how to issue a progress report on any student in your class.

If you would like to access the information via PDF, please access the document below.

Enter a progress report (PDF Instructions)


Record Advising Visit Notes
Advising Campaigns (Invite your assigned students for an appointment)