Transition Plans

The focus on advising at Nicholls did not begin with SAM. In the years before its adoption, Nicholls had committed to a ‘total intake model’ for freshman advising, according to which all incoming students are assigned professional advisors in the Academic Advising Center (AAC) — usually advisors are also instructors for UNIV 101. The vision for SAM was to build on this foundation.

One facet of the new approach was a commitment to providing ongoing professional development focused on the themes of advising and mentoring. This would do little good, however, without providing a clear path for students to connect with advisors after their freshman year.

SAM therefore stipulates that Departments should develop Advising and Transition Plans:

The Departmental Advising Plan documents will contain, but will not be limited to, the components listed in the template. Each department may express flexibility in designing a plan that meets their unique advising needs.

Given their obvious interconnections, these plans were in practice produced together. Below, select an academic unit for a download of its plans.

College of Sciences and Technology:

College of Liberal Arts:

College of Business Administration (all programs)

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences (all programs)

College of Nursing (all programs)

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